Nobleza baturra

Nobleza baturra (The Nobility of the Peasantry,[2] also known as Aragonese Virtue) is a 1935 Spanish musical drama film directed by Florián Rey, and starring Imperio Argentina, Miguel Ligero Rodríguez, and Juan de Orduña, based on the play by the playwright Joaquín Dicenta. The film was a phenomenal success, and one of the most commercially successful films of the Second Republic. The film was made by CIFESA at CEA Studios.[3] The film was noted for its folkloric type characters and sentimental views of rural peoples.[2]

Nobleza baturra
Directed byFlorián Rey
Written byJoaquín Dicenta Boadillo
Music byRafael Martínez and José L. de Rivera
CinematographyEnrique Guerner, José María Torres
Edited byEduardo García Maroto
Release date
  • 1935 (1935)
Running time
86 minutes[1]


The film, set in Aragon in the early twentieth century, tells the story of María del Pilar (Imperio Argentina), an honest girl, whose good name is tarnished when a former suitor, out of spite of being rejected, publicizes throughout the village that she had sex outside of marriage. Slander soon spreads throughout the region.



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