Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

Hotel Nobis Copenhagen is an upscale hotel in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen
The building before the hotel opened
General information
AddressNiels Brocks Gade 1, 1574 København V
Coordinates55.6724°N 12.5711°E / 55.6724; 12.5711
Opening2017 (2017)
Other dimensions105 metres (length)
Technical details
Floor count6


The building was constructed for the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1903. It was designed by Martin Borch who served as Royal Building Inspector from 1903 to 1923. The Royal Music Academy relocated to Radiohuset in 2008. The building was acquired by the Swedish property company Balder in 2015. The architectural firm AI was subsequently responsible for adapting it for use as a hotel. Nobis Hotel Copenhagen opened in 2017.[1]


Wingårdhs has been in charge of interior design.


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