No Sin on the Alpine Pastures (1950 film)

No Sin on the Alpine Pastures (German: Auf der Alm, da gibt's ka Sünd) is a 1950 Austrian comedy film directed by Franz Antel and starring Maria Andergast, Inge Egger and Rudolf Carl.[1]

No Sin on the Alpine Pastures
Directed byFranz Antel
Produced byEduard Hoesch
Written byFranz Antel
Aldo von Pinelli
StarringMaria Andergast
Inge Egger
Rudolf Carl
Music byHans Lang
CinematographyHans Heinz Theyer
Berna Filmproduktion
Donau-Film Wien
Distributed bySascha-Film
Union-Film (West Germany)
Progress Film (East Germany)
Release date
17 October 1950
Running time
92 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art director Gustav Abel.



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