No Peace Under the Olive Tree

No Peace Under the Olive Tree (Italian: Non c'è pace tra gli ulivi) is a 1950 Italian neorealist drama film directed by Giuseppe De Santis and starring Raf Vallone, Lucia Bosé and Folco Lulli.[1] It was the director's follow-up to Bitter Rice (1949) which also starred Vallone. It was originally planned to partner him with Silvana Mangano again, but due to her pregnancy she was replaced by Lucia Bosé.[2] Despite the commercial success of Bitter Rice, the Communist De Santis had been stung by left-wing criticism due to American cultural elements included the film which he purposefully excluded from the follow-up. He also included characters who were less ambiguous and concluded with a happy ending, similar to those of Socialist realism.[3]

No Peace Under the Olive Tree
Directed byGiuseppe De Santis
Produced byDomenico Forges Davanzati
Written byGiuseppe De Santis
Gianni Puccini
StarringRaf Vallone
Lucia Bosé
Folco Lulli
Music byGoffredo Petrassi
CinematographyPiero Portalupi
Edited byGabriele Varriale
Distributed byLux Film
Release date
10 September 1950
Running time
107 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art director Carlo Egidi. Location shooting took place around Fondi in Lazio, the hometown of director De Santis.


A young shepherd returns home after the Second World War having been held in a prisoner of war camp. He finds that the local landowner has stolen his sheep and his girlfriend. When he also assaults and murders his sister, the shepherd takes revenge.



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