NoShame, or NoShame Films, was an Italian-American company specializing in releasing authoritative editions of cult Italian movies on DVD.

IndustryDVD releases
FateOut of business
HeadquartersItaly, United States


NoShame Films started its office in Italy and opened an office in Los Angeles, California the following year. Its specialty was remastering and releasing cult Italian films on DVD from such subgenres as giallo and poliziotteschi.[1][2][3] The company was praised by DVD collectors for the amount of effort that went into its releases, which included thick booklets and plenty of special features.[4]

In 2006 the company quietly went out of business, amid rumors of content/privacy lawsuits initiated by a former Mayfair Model, with its website going offline and all future releases being canceled.[1] Its previously released DVDs also started to go out of print.[5] A new DVD company, MYA Communications, releases many films along the same lines as NoShame and has even slowly started to re-issue some of NoShame's out-of-print films.[6]

DVD releases


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