No. 7 Group RAF

No. 7 Group of the Royal Air Force was an RAF group active in the latter part of the First World War, during the 1920s and also in the Second World War.

No. 7 Group RAF
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Air Force
Part ofNo. 2 Area, South-Western Area, Inland Area, Bomber Command

Organisational history

No. 7 Group was created on the day that the RAF officially came into being. On 1 April 1918 it was created by renaming the Royal Flying Corps' Southern Training Brigade. Initially the Group was subordinate to No. 2 Area and on 8 August the designation "Training" was added making the Group's title No. 7 (Training) Group. With the post war reductions, the Group was disbanded on 16 Aug 1919.

The following month on 20 September 1919, No. 7 Group was reformed when South-Western Area was downgraded to group status. On 1 April 1920, the Group was transferred to Inland Area's control. The Group was disbanded for the second time on 12 April 1926.

Following the outbreak of the Second World War, the Group was reformed on 15 July 1940 as No. 7 (Operational Training) Group under Bomber Command control. It was disestablished by its renaming to No. 92 Group RAF on 11 May 1942. The Group's final incarnation was from 1 November 1944 to 21 December 1945. Its function was the control of heavy conversion units.


April 1918 to August 1919

September 1919 to April 1926

July 1940 to May 1942

November 1944 to December 1945

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