No. 7 Flight AAC

7 Flight Army Air Corps is an independent flight of the British Army's Army Air Corps, based at the British garrison in Seria, Brunei.

No. 7 Flight AAC
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
RoleAir transport
EquipmentBell 212 light helicopters


The flight was formed in 1970 at RAF Gatow in Berlin where it operated Sioux AH.1 and from 1975 until 1994 Gazelle AH.1 helicopters. It was part of the Berlin Infantry Brigade.[1] It was disbanded in 1994 and then reformed in 1998 at Seria in Brunei where it supports the resident infantry battalion from the Brigade of Gurkhas and the Training Team Brunei (TTB), which runs jungle warfare training courses.[1] The flight uses Bell 212 light helicopters.[1]

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