Nitro (German TV channel)

Nitro is a German free-to-air television channel owned by the RTL Group.

Launched1 April 2012 (2012-04-01)
NetworkMediengruppe RTL Deutschland
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
Audience share1.5% (December 2017 (2017-12), KEK)
SloganFernsehen für Helden
(television for heroes)
Formerly calledRTL Nitro (2012–2017)
Sister channel(s)RTL
RTL Zwei
RTL Crime
RTL Living
RTL Passion
Super RTL
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel numbers vary on each region
Astra 1L (Europe, North Africa)12188 H / 27500 / 3/4 (SD / FTA)
Kabel DeutschlandChannel 209 (SD)
Channel 216 (HD)
NetCologneChannel 42
UPC Switzerland (Switzerland)Channel 38 (HD)
Telekom EntertainChannel 70 (SD/HD)
A1 TV (Austria)Channel 17 (SD)


The slogan of Nitro is „Fernsehen für Helden“ (television for heroes). It describes itself as a "premium entertainment channel" ("Premium-Unterhaltungssender") for a widespread audience.[1] It is mainly targeted at males aged between 20 and 59.[2]

The program contains many old German and American series and films, but also first runs of some American series like Modern Family, Nurse Jackie or Chase.

On 2 April 2012, the video on demand site RTL Nitro Now launched, where several shows can be viewed seven days after airing.

Nitro HD

Nitro HD, a high definition simulcast of Nitro, was launched on 28 August 2012 on cable provider Kabel Deutschland, and became available via NetCologne on 1 September 2012.[3] Broadcast of RTL Nitro HD via Satellite started on 8 April 2014, available with a HD+ subscription.


Original programming (from RTL Group)


  • Auto Mobil, car magazine (2012—present)


  • Ab ins Beet – Die Garten-Soap, docu-soap (2012—present)
  • Anwälte der Toten, docu-soap (2012—present)
  • Die Autohändler, docu-soap (2012—present)
  • Die Küchenchefs, docu-soap (2012—present)
  • Die lustigsten Schlamassel der Welt, clip show (2012—present)
  • Das perfekte Promi-Dinner, cooking (2012—present)
  • Das Strafgericht, court show (2012—present)
  • Die Trovatos – Detektive decken auf, docu-soap (2012—present)
  • Höllische Nachbarn, comedy (2012—present)
  • Schneller als die Polizei erlaubt, docu-soap (2012—present)
  • Unter Volldampf!, documentary (2012—present)
  • Recht & Ordnung (2012—present)

TV Series

Imported programming (American)


TV series

Audience share


January February March April May June July August September October November December Annual average
2013[5]0.5%0.6%0.6%0.6%0.6%0.7%0.7%0.7%0.7%0.7%0.8%1.0% 0.7%
2014[6]1.0%1.0%1.2%1.3%1.4%1.4%1.4%1.4%1.5%1.4%1.4%1.4% 1.3%
2015[7]1.3%1.4%1.4%1.4%1.4%1.6%1.4%1.5%1.5%1.4%1.4%1.4% 1.4%
2016[8]1.3%1.4%1.4%1.4%1.4%1.2%1.3%1.3%1.3%1.3%1.4%1.4% 1.3%
2017[9]1.5%1.5%1.5%1.7%1.7%1.7%1.7%1.7%1.7%1.6%1.7%1.5% 1.6%


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