Nimb Hotel

Nimb Hotel, or simply the Nimb, is a five-star boutique hotel in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. The hotel is located in a historic building from 1909, built in a Moorish-inspired Historicist style. In 2009, Condé Nast Traveller ranked it as #40 on their list of the best hotels in the world.[1]

Nimb Hotel
General information
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Opening2008 (2008)
Other information
Number of rooms17
Number of suites12
Number of restaurants3
ParkingYes (Valet parking only)
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When Tivoli opened in 1843, there was already a "Bazar in "Chinese style" almost at the site of the current building. It housed a restaurant and shops but burned down in 1862. A new building in the same style was ready the following year.

Yje Vazar Building was torn down in 1908 in connection with the construction of Copenhagen Central Station. The existing building was built close to the original site, this time designed by architect and Tivoli director Knud Arne Petersen in Moorish style. It was inaugurated in 1909. The building took its name from Wilhelm and Louise Nimb, who had created a restaurant dynasty in Copenhagen. They were brought in by Tivoli to manage the restaurant Divan 2, which still exists. Under their supervision, it gained major popularity and became a favoured hang-out for the city's establishment, colloquially known as Nimb's Verenda. The couple's two daughters, Henriette (1863 – 1919) and Serina (1865 – 1939), were brought up to take part in the family business and when the Bazar reopened in 1909 they took over the running of it. Later the building housed various establishments but kept its name, before undergoing major renovation and reopening in 2008 as the Nimb Hotel, with a cluster of gourmet-oriented enterprises.

The Nimb today

In October 2015 Nimb was awarded "Hotel of the Year" by Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) from 520 hotels across 82 countries around the world.

In addition to the hotel, the Nimb complex contains:

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