Nikita Mandryka

Nikita Mandryka (born 20 October 1940) is a French cartoonist of Ukrainian origin.[1]

Born (1940-10-20) 20 October 1940
Bizerte, French Tunisia
Area(s)artist, writer
Pseudonym(s)Nik, Kalkus, Karl Kruss, Caleq-usse, Calgus, Kilkoz
Notable works
Le Concombre Masqué
Les Minuscules
Les Clopinettes
Awardssee #Awards

He started drawing in the Vaillant magazine, before moving to Pilote in 1967, and then created L'Écho des savanes along with Claire Bretécher and Marcel Gotlib in 1972. He left this magazine in 1979, going back to Pilote as editorial director. His major and better known works are the Concombre masqué (The Masked Cucumber) stories. He won the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême in 1994.

Awards and honors


  • Les aventures potagères du Concombre masqué (from 1975 to 2006).
  • Clopinettes (drawing), with Gotlib (story), Dargaud, 1974.
  • Mandryka, Éditions du Fromage, 1976.
  • Le retour du refoulé, Éditions du Fromage, 1977, coll. « L'Écho des Savanes ».
  • Les Minuscules, Éditions du Fromage :
  1. Entre chien et chat, 1979.
  • Lob de la Jungle (drawing), with Jacques Lob (story), Les Humanoïdes Associés, 1980.
  • Alice (story), with Riverstone (drawing), Dargaud, 1985.
  • Le type au Reuri, Albin Michel, 1987.
  • La Horde - Mandryka chez Freud, Z'éditions, 1994.
  • Les animaux sont-ils des bêtes ? (drawing), with Fritax (story), P&T Production, 1995.
  • Y'a plus de limites !, Albin Michel, 1996.
  • Les Gardiens du Maser (story), with Massimiliano Frezzato (story and drawing), Éditions USA :
4. La Tour de Fer, 2000.
5. Le Bout du Monde, 2003.
6. Le Village Perdu, 2005.


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