Nightmare Circus (film)

Nightmare Circus (also known as The Barn of the Naked Dead or Terror Circus) is a 1974 horror film directed by Alan Rudolph (under the pseudonym of Gerald Cormier), and co-written by him and Roman Valenti.

Nightmare Circus
Nightmare Circus poster when the film was re-released as Terror Circus
Directed byAlan Rudolph
Produced byShirlee F. Jamail
Written byAlan Rudolph
Roman Valenti
StarringAndrew Prine
Manuela Thiess
Sherry Alberoni
Music byTommy Vig
CinematographyE. Lynn
CMC Pictures Corp.
Distributed byTwin World
Release date
August 1974 (USA)
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited States


Three showgirls head to Las Vegas for work when their car breaks down. Andre (Andrew Prine) offers to help them and takes them to his place where he keeps women confined in chains, barefoot, and makes them perform circus tricks in his barn. His father, who has become a homicidal mutant because of the homestead's proximity to a nuclear power plant, lives next to them in a shed.



DVD Verdict panned the film, commenting that it was "just dull and dumb".[1] In the book Cult Horror Films Welch Everman criticized the movie's attempt to contain what he saw as "phony feminism", as he felt that it was added as a way to allow viewers to enjoy the movie's violence against its female protagonists and "not feel guilty afterwards".[2] AllMovie gave the film a negative review complimenting the film's premise, but criticized the film's failure at delivering the "kinky delights" it promised, slow pacing, and lack of character development, calling the film an "amateurish mess of sex fantasy and nuclear horror".[3]

Home media

The film was first released on DVD by Legend House LLC on January 29, 2008. It was later re-released by Shriek Show and Code Red on March 31, 2009 and September 27, 2011 respectively with Code Red releasing the film as a double feature alongside the 1981 horror film Scream.[4]

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