Nightlife (radio program)

Nightlife is an Australian late-night talkback show across ABC Local Radio hosted by Philip Clark.

It offers a mix of both news and current affairs, lifestyle and entertainment. Each night there are regular features and presenters. The listening audience is heavily featured throughout the program.

Nightlife is broadcast on weekday nights from 10.10 pm to 2.00 am (AEST) on ABC Local Radio across Australia. The show is broadcast on delay to South Australia and the Northern Territory.


In July 2016, Tony Delroy announced that he would be retiring from the show after 26 years as host. He hosted his last show on 2 September 2016.[1] Dominic Knight hosted the show until October 2016.

In September 2016, ABC announced that Philip Clark from 666 ABC Canberra will host Nightlife.[2] In November 2016, ABC confirmed that Phillip Clark would host the show from Monday to Thursday and Sarah MacDonald will host from Friday to Sunday.

In December 2019, ABC announced that Sarah MacDonald will host Evenings on ABC Radio Sydney in January 2020.[3] She hosted her last show on 8 December 2019.


In November 2016, ABC announced that Nightlife would move to a 7-day format.[4] This decision was met with criticism from within Australian country music circles[5][6] and from Australian religious leaders[7][8] as the new 7-day format prompted the ABC to remove the long-running Saturday Night Country with Felicity Urquhart from metropolitan ABC stations and to completely axe the religious and ethics program Sunday Nights with John Cleary.


The show usually has a guest in the first hour, including a large portion of the time set for audience talkback. The second hour also has guests, but without a talkback section followed by "What The Papers Say", when the major Australian newspapers reveal their main stories for the next day. The third hour usually involves a quiz named "The Mighty Challenge", while the fourth hour includes another chance for audience feedback in the "Issue of the Day", followed by a book reading.

In 2007, the popular "Not the Nightly News" segment was discontinued.

Regular guests

  • Mr. Barry Byrne from Mount Isa - UK Monarchy correspondent
  • Peter Blasina - technology
  • Clare Calvet - books
  • Andrew Cate - exercise
  • Paul Clitheroe - finance and money
  • Fabian Dattner - business management
  • Daryl Dixon - superannuation
  • Sean Dooley - bird-watching
  • Stephanie Dowrick - personal and spiritual development
  • Toby Hagon - motoring
  • CJ Johnson - movies
  • Hank Jongen - Centrelink (social security) issues
  • Petrea King - emotions and spiritual health
  • Karl Kruszelnicki - science
  • Shannon Lush - alternative cleaning methods
  • Kel Richards - words
  • Kersti Seksel - pets
  • Francine St George - physiotherapy
  • Roland Sussex - language
  • Paul Wallbank - computers
  • Dr Brad McKay - medicine
  • Roderick Eime - travel


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