Nick Carter va tout casser

Nick Carter va tout casser is a French action film starring Eddie Constantine as Nick Carter. An English version was dubbed by Eddie Constantine dubbing himself.[2] Constantine repeated his role in Nick Carter et le trèfle rouge (1965). The film was titled License to Kill in the USA.[3]

Nick Carter va tout casser
Directed byHenri Decoin
Produced byAndré Michelin
H. André Legrand
Written byJean Marcillac
André Haguet
André Legrand
StarringEddie Constantine
Music byPierick Houdy
CinematographyLucien Joulin
Henri Persin
Edited byCharles Bretoneiche
Distributed byLes Films Fernand Rivers
Indipendenti Regionali [1]
Release date
June 17, 1964 (France)
Running time
95 (English version)


Professor Fromentin's inventions are about to start a new era in anti-aircraft warfare. No fighter aircraft hitherto known stands a chance against his trail-blazing self-designed unmanned aerial vehicles. Secret services all over the world are determined to either obtain Fromentin's knowledge or to make dead sure nobody else does. But Fromentin refuses to sell and consequently several attempts are made on his life.

Nick Carter has a personal interest in protecting the professor who was a good friend of his father. This is harder than it looks because the professor's entourage includes at least one traitor.

An international network of terrorists eventually conceives a plan to take advantage of this situation. They intend to capture the professor and then to sell him to the highest bidder. Nick Carter has to apply advanced gadgets and sometimes also just his fists, thus refuting all criminal tactics until the scientist can continue searching in freedom and peace.



David Deal states in the "Eurospy Guide" that this film emulated the US-American Nick Carter movies "of the 1930s and 1940s" and subsequently he recommends it to nostalgist with a penchant for "serials of pulp magazines" of that era. [4]


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