Nicholas on Holiday

Nicholas on Holiday (aka Nicolas on Holiday (UK), French: Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas) is a 2014 French family comedy film directed by Laurent Tirard, starring Mathéo Boisselier, Valérie Lemercier, Kad Merad, Dominique Lavanant, François-Xavier Demaison and Bouli Lanners. It is the sequel to the 2009 film Little Nicholas. The film was released in France on 9 July 2014.[2] The film is based on René Goscinny's and Jean-Jacques Sempé's books for children about Nicholas and his friends.[3]

Nicholas holiday
Film poster
Directed byLaurent Tirard
Produced byOlivier Delbosc
Marc Missonnier
Screenplay byLaurent Tirard
Grégoire Vigneron
Jaco Van Dormael (collaborating writer)
Based onNicholas on Holiday
by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé
StarringMathéo Boisselier
Valérie Lemercier
Kad Merad
Dominique Lavanant
François-Xavier Demaison
Bouli Lanners
Music byÉric Neveux
CinematographyDenis Rouden
Edited byValérie Deseine
Fidélité Films
M6 Films
Saint Sébastien Froissart
Distributed byWild Bunch
Release date
  • 9 July 2014 (2014-07-09)
Running time
97 minutes
Budget24.5 million[1]
Box officeUS$21.7 million[1]


Nicholas spends his summer holidays with his parents and Grandma at the seaside. He quickly makes new friends, including the boy Blaise who lives in the area, the English pupil Djodjo, the gourmand Fructueux, the righteous Côme and the crybaby Crépin. But just when Nicholas believes he's got everything under control, Isabelle appears. He doesn't understand why she cares so much about him until he becomes suspicious that his parents are trying to set her up as his wife-to-be. The boy consults his friends about the looming threat to his "true love", marrying Marie-Edwige. His friends offer advice and plot to separate Isabelle and Nicholas. They tell him that he must tarnish his family's reputation in front of Isabelle's parents, which happens by circumstance (Granny wanting to go to the casino). Nicholas and his friends even contemplate putting vipers on their beds, to get them out of there. After a close encounter with the viper, they switch to a dirty trick, literally. The boys connect the water supply and sewage line in the shower. Isabelle walks in on him guarding her door as the boys do the job. He gets frightened and bolts, only to find Isabelle behind him on the other side. She then walks up to him in an enclosed space and gives him Marie-Edwige's bracelet (which Nicholas lost a few days ago). The two then start chatting and get to know each other well. His interest for Isabelle grows. When the boys find out, they are unhappy and disappointed. But, Isabelle shows what she could do and becomes their friend. But, Isabelle's mother's shower incident forces them to almost leave. The boys now sabotage to extend the stay. Isabelle even takes the chequebook from the coat, which forces them to stay. But, Isabelle's father thinks it is Nicholas dad who stole (due to Nick's aforementioned lie about the family). One day on the beach, a very loud and obnoxious movie producer from Italy is filming a movie on the beach, angering the vacationers. In a fit of anger, Nicolas's mother marches up to the movie producer and yells at him in public to stop being so inconsiderate to everyone else. To apologize, the producer sends his assistant to invite Nicolas's parents to a party he is throwing.



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