Nice 'n Easy (hair coloring)

Nice ’n Easy is a shampoo-in permanent hair-colouring product for home use. It was introduced in 1965, billed as the first shampoo-in hair colour, with the advertising tagline, “The closer he gets...the better you look.”[1]

Manufactured by Clairol (division of company Coty), Nice ’n Easy extended the company’s home hair colour product lines, which debuted in 1956 with Miss Clairol Hair Colour Bath and the famous “Does she...or doesn’t she?” advertising campaign.[2]


In the 1950s, just 7% of American women used hair color (or admitted to doing so), at a time when the common belief was that only actresses, models and other women considered promiscuous altered their natural shade.[3] To help change that attitude, Clairol eschewed celebrities in favor of the average woman for its Miss Clairol and Nice ’n Easy hair color campaigns.[4]

The idea to buck the trend of that era’s advertising style — which emphasized high glamour rather than girl-next-door vignettes — was the brainchild of lead copywriter Shirley Polykoff, whose work on the Clairol hair color campaign was a career high point.[3] In her original memo to Clairol, Polykoff, who was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame in 1980,[5] described the Clairol woman as “Cashmere-sweater-over-the-shoulder types. Like larger-than-life-portraits of the proverbial girl on the block who’s a little prettier than your wife and lives in a house slightly nicer than yours.”[4] Polykoff created the "Does she...or doesn't she" campaign for Miss Clairol in 1956, and "The closer he gets...the better you look" campaign for the launch of Nice 'N Easy in 1965.[3][5]

Nice ’n Easy Product Line

The entire Nice ’n Easy line includes nine products available in a total of 48 shades. The best-selling shade is 106A Natural Dark Neutral Blonde. The best-selling shade for Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up is shade #5, Medium Brown. Nice ’n Easy products are:

  • Nice ’n Easy Perfect 10: Ten-minute coverage plus six weekly applications of the Clairol’s ColorSeal Intensive Conditioning Crème.
  • Nice ’n Easy Permanent Color: A blend of three tones that use Clairol’s color-blend technology for highlights, lowlights and grey coverage.
  • Nice ’n Easy Grey Solution: Designed for total grey coverage; includes pretreatment retexturizing solution.
  • Nice ’n Easy Root Touch-Up: Covers root regrowth between colourings.
  • Nice ’n Easy Frost & Tip: For allover highlighting.
  • Nice ’n Easy Hairpainting: To highlight the top layer of hair.
  • Nice ’n Easy Born Blonde: Uniform allover lightening for very light to very dark hair.
  • Nice ’n Easy ColourSeal Conditioner: A conditioning treatment specifically for colour-treated hair.
  • Nice 'n Easy Non-Permanent: formally known as in Level 1 Loving Care and Level 2 Lasting Colour.
  • Nice 'n Easy Age Defy: used for older women in their 70s or 80s etc younger hair to their grey coverage.
  • Nice 'n Easy Foam: a cream color.


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