Ngāti Rangi

Ngāti Rangi is an iwi (Māori nation) of the central North Island, New Zealand. Mainly around the areas of Ohakune and the Upper Whanganui River. Ngāti Rangi are the original people of the land. Paerangi was the chief of Ngāti Rangi, he was one of the first to arrive in New Zealand, many years if not a hundred years before the great fleet. They believe they arrived in New Zealand on a Manu, not a waka.

Ngāti Rangi
Iwi (tribe) in Māoridom
Mt Ruapehu
Rohe (region)Central North Island


Ko Ruapehu te Maunga

Ko Ngā Turi o Murimotu te Maunga Tapu

Ko Whangaehu te Awa

Ko Ngāti Rangi te Iwi


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