Nexus International School Malaysia

Nexus International School Malaysia established in 2008, Nexus International School is a private international school, with boarding facilities that is based in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It is part of the Taylor's Education Group. The education levels consists of Early Years, Primary, Secondary, and Pre-university.

Nexus International School Malaysia
No. 1, Jalan Diplomatik 3/6,
Diplomatik Presint

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Coordinates2°56′27.3″N 101°43′25.5″E
TypePrivate, International school
PrincipalDavid Griffiths

The Early Years in Nexus is open for learners from nursery to reception level, where the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) is the choice of programme. For Primary level, the school incorporates the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) catered for Year 1 to Year 6 students. For Secondary level, the school offers the Middle School Programme for Year 7-9, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Year 10-11. Lastly, in pre-university, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) is offered for Year 12-13.

The school's vision and philosophy revolves around the four teaching principles of The Nexus Way: Mindsets, Innovation, Inclusion, and Relationships.[1]

In 2014, the school was appointed to deliver the international youth achievement award named The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.[2] Nexus is also a member of the Australian Boarding Schools' Association (ABSA), Boarding Schools' Association (BSA), Council of International Schools (CIS), and College Board.

Leadership team

The principal of Nexus International School Malaysia is Mr. David Griffiths. The senior leadership team consists of Head of Primary Ms. Claire Waller, Head of Secondary Ms. Morag Mccrorie, and Director of Boarding, Mr. Troy Looms.


Nexus is authorised and accredited by the following institutions and associations:[3]

  • Apple Distinguished School[4][5][6][7]
  • International Primary School at Mastering Level [8][9]
  • Council of International Schools [10]
  • International Baccalaureate[11]
  • Boarding Schools’ Association[12]
  • Australian Boarding Schools’ Association[13]
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • College Board


The Nexus curriculum aims to foster interdisciplinary learning across subjects, provide opportunity to explore student’s interests and cultivate their unique strengths.[14]


Every Nexus student has international standards and benchmarks to meet in every subject area. The outline determines the specific content and skills that a student must meet in given points during their academic journey. These standards are updated regularly following the present-day education research and development.

Early years

The early years (EY) are divided into two age groups, 3 to 4 years old and 4 to 5 years old. Led by a fully qualified teacher and an experienced Learning Assistant, all EY classes focus on the process of exploring and learning through practical, first-hand experiences. The development of early reading, writing and number skills are provided here as well.


The primary school is catered for students from Year 1 to Year 6. The primary curriculum features the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the British National Curriculum standards for Maths.

The IPC is recognised as a comprehensive, thematic, and creative curriculum that emphasises on learning process and goals for every subject. The school was awarded the Mastering Status for its delivery of the IPC.[15]


The secondary School is catered for students from Year 7 to Year 11. The secondary curriculum is formulated as a preparation for the International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSE).


Upon the completion of IGCSE, Year 12 and Year 13 students will study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) as part of their pre-university preparation. The core of this two-year educational programme covers The Extended Essay; Creative, Action and Service; and Theory of Knowledge. It is an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education, and is accepted by many universities worldwide.

Co-curricular activities

The co-curricular activities (CCA) in Nexus are designed to broaden personal ideals and encourage skill development for every student.[16]

The CCA is sectioned into traditional team sports, individual sports, and arts and crafts projects. The program includes football, basketball, rock climbing, Taekwondo, archery, wakeboarding, clay making, and knitting classes.

The school is equipped with facilities such as an auditorium, sports halls and fields, music, art, TV, drama workshops and swimming pool.

Performing arts

Nexus organises a range of performing arts programs that encourage the development of creative talents and arts expressions in every student.[17] It also helps students to explore new ideas, discover their passion, and express through music, art, drama and film.

The school’s Performing Arts Department is furnished with a fully equipped theatre, three specialist music classrooms, a drama studio, a recording studio, a film/media classroom with cinema and green screen, seven instrumental teaching rooms, a multimedia editing suite, and a dance studio with full-length wall mirrors.


The school’s sporting program and activities are designed to motivate individual empowerment and build a healthy Nexus community through quality physical education.[18] It also supports the development of social skills, self-esteem, academic, and cognitive development. Regardless of their aptitude and ability, sports participation are available for students from Early Years through to Year 13 IB Learners.

Campus and facilities

Nexus is an international school that consists of classrooms, labs, and administrative buildings.[19] The on-campus facilities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, football field, indoor gym cum multi-purpose hall, fully equipped auditorium, two-tiered library, and boarding facilities. It also has a cafeteria, dining room, drama and dance studio, classrooms, sports field, indoor gymnasium, multi-purpose, café, play area, rock wall, music room, sound and film studio.

Nexus Boarding House

Nexus Boarding House is an international standard boarding facility catered for learners between the ages of 10 and 18. It provides learners with an opportunity to develop their life skills and experiences after school hours. Led by the director of boarding, the boarders’ experience goes beyond having a place to stay. It includes routine activities, after-school activities, weekend activities and peer-to-peer camaraderie.[20]


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