Newshub (stylised as Newshub.) is a New Zealand news service that airs on television channel Three (formerly TV3) and radio stations run by MediaWorks. The Newshub brand replaced 3 News on the TV3 network and the Radio Live news service heard on MediaWorks Radio stations on 1 February 2016.[1][2]

Presented by
  • Sam Hayes and Mike McRoberts (weeknights, Newshub Live At 6pm)
  • Melissa Davies and Tom McRae (weekends, Newshub Live At 6pm)
  • Susie Nordqvist (Newshub Live At 4pm)
  • Wilhelmina Shrimpton (Newshub Late)
  • Amanda Gillies (The AM Show)
Country of originNew Zealand
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time
  • 6 am: 150 minutes
  • 4 pm: 30 minutes
  • 6 pm: 60 minutes
  • 10:30 pm: 30 minutes
  • (all including advertisements)
Original networkThree
Picture format
Original release26 November 1989
Preceded by3 News (1998–2016)
3 National News (1989–1998)
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The first Newshub bulletin to air was at midnight on 1 February 2016 on Radio Live and was presented by Leanne Malcolm; the first Newshub TV bulletin to air was Newshub Midday that day, presented by Jeff McTainsh.

Newshub television bulletins

Newshub Live at 6pm

The flagship 6:00pm bulletin of Newshub is currently presented by Mike McRoberts and Sam Hayes. Newshub Live at 6pm replaced the TV3 6pm news bulletin previously known as 3 News at 6pm. Melissa Davies & Tom McRae present the weekend edition at 6pm and are also back up anchors for Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts. Other back up anchors on Newshub Live at 6pm have included Hamish Clark and Simon Shepherd.

Newshub Late

Late night news show on TV3 which usually airs weeknights around 10:30pm but can run later depending on the evening schedule. The bulletin was presented by Samantha Hayes until her promotion to 6pm anchor. Current anchors for Newshub Late include Sacha McNeil. This is TV3's fourth late night news show with the original show being Nightline between 1990 and 2013, The Paul Henry Show in 2014 and Newsworthy in 2015.

Newshub Live at 4:30pm

Launched on 20 March 2017 as Newshub Live at 4pm, the bulletin airs for half an hour on weekdays at 4:30pm and is presented by Susie Nordqvist. It was aired at 4pm until 16 August 2019.

The AM Show

The AM Show is a New Zealand morning news and talk show that airs on Three and simulcast on Magic Talk. It is presented by Duncan Garner, with news anchor Amanda Gillies, sports presenter Mark Richardson, and social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin. The show replaced Paul Henry after it was announced the frontman of the show, Paul Henry, was resigning and therefore the show was going to be replaced. The announcement was made by MediaWorks in November 2016, and Paul Henry last aired on 16 December 2016. The AM Show premiered on 13 February 2017.

The Project

The Project is a New Zealand current affairs show hosted by Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd, and Jeremy Corbett. It premiered on Three in early February 2017, and airs from 7pm to 7:30pm. The show replaced Story. The show's format is taken from the Australian version of the show, The Project, which is a ratings hit on Network Ten.

Newshub Nation

Newshub Nation is Three's in-depth political current affairs show focusing on the major players and forces that shape New Zealand. The show is presented by Simon Shepherd and Emma Jolliff and airs on Saturday mornings at 9:30am and Sunday mornings at 10:00am.[3] It is replayed on Magic Talk at 7PM Saturday night.

Former TV3 news shows

3 News

The TV3 6pm news bulletin was known as 3 News or 3 News at 6pm up to 31 January 2016. 3 News was originally known as 3 National News and first went on air on Monday 27 November 1989 when TV3 began broadcasting. For the first year of broadcast 3 National News was a thirty-minute bulletin screening at 6:30pm, the same time slot as Holmes on TV1. The original bulletin was presented by former BCNZ and TVNZ anchor Philip Sherry, joined by sportscaster Greg Clark and weathercaster Belinda Todd.

Among the reports in the first day's bulletin were Marty McNara reported on the sentencing of murderer Charles Coulam, Mark Jennings reported on an alleged stabbing of a motorcyclist in Timaru and Stephen Christensen reported on a lack of funding for education and interviewed Education Minister Phil Goff. After a commercial break, Ian Wishart reported on law changes allowing traffic officers to enter private property and challenged drivers who were trying to evade traffic officers, Max Hayden reported on the 1989 Indian Election and Steve Barne reported on political changes in Communist Czechoslovakia. In sport, Greg Clark reported on the victory of New Zealand horse Horlicks in the 1989 Japan Cup, 1990 Commonwealth Games runner Peter O'Donoghue was interviewed by Steven Stuart and Clint Brown previewed upcoming summer tennis. The final report, by Janet McIntyre, described TV3's launch party and the network's first day of operation. The sports segment was produced by Tony Ciprian.

In 1991 TV3 extended 3 National News to a 1-hour bulletin starting at 6pm, this occurred during the Gulf War but TV3 continued to screen a 1-hour bulletin following the war. TV3 used their 1-hour news bulletin of 3 National News as a selling point over One Network News which was still a 30-minute bulletin followed by the Holmes show, One Network News did not become a 1-hour bulletin until 1995. During the nine years that the bulletin was known as 3 National News it had three different hosts. Original anchor Philip Sherry was replaced by Joanna Paul in 1990; Paul had previously been the anchor of the launch news update and weekend bulletins. When Paul opted not to renew her contract with the network, TV3 hired former TVNZ newsreader and It's in the Bag game show host, John Hawkesby.

In 1998, TV3 revamped its presentation, shortening the show's name to 3 News and adding another presenter. They initially planned for Hawkesby and ex-TVNZ journalist Carol Hirschfeld to co-host. The planned Hawkesby-Hirschfeld team never eventuated, with John Campbell taking the male anchor role when Hawkesby walked out of TV3 to host One News. TV3 later sued TVNZ for "interfering with the relationship" between Hawkesby and TV3. The two parties settled out of court at the end of 2000 for an undisclosed amount.[4]

In 2005, Hirschfeld and Campbell left their anchor positions to collaborate on current affairs show Campbell Live. They were replaced by Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts. The same year, 3 News won the Best News Award at the Qantas Television Awards. In 2005, TV3's parent company Mediaworks New Zealand launched Radio Live.

A new 3 News studio set began use on 15 September 2008, this coincided with an updated graphics package using the 2005 – 2008 graphics as its base. On 4 July 2011, 3 News revamped its presentation package starting with the early morning show of the time Firstline, to have the "floating tiles" look, which was in use up till the launch of Newshub on 1 February 2016.

In November 2012, 3 News won the Best News award at the 2012 New Zealand Television Awards.

On 27 January 2014, 3 News refreshed its split screen graphic, finance graphics and full frame graphics, at this same time 3 News also updated the printed fake newsroom backdrop in the studio, they temporarily broadcast from a green/blue screen set.

In early April 2015, it was announced that 3 News' Sunday bulletin would be reduced to half an hour and will be followed by a shortened version of the network's midweek current affairs programme 3rd Degree which was renamed "3D".[5] The first of these shortened Sunday bulletins was broadcast on 24 May 2015.

On 19 December 2015 Studio 1 was decommissioned temporarily to prepare the studio for the launch of Newshub, during the refit of Studio 1 they broadcast from a greenscreen studio placed in the Paul Henry show set during the summer off-air time,

The last 3 News broadcast occurred on 31 January 2016 before the news brand renames to Newshub. The new look studio 1 launched on 1 February 2016 designed by Jago Design who also designed Studio 3 used for Paul Henry.

Paul Henry

Paul Henry was a cross-platform, morning breakfast news programme broadcast live on TV3 and Radio Live on weekdays between 6:00am and 9:00am. It is presented by Paul Henry with Ingrid Hipkiss as news anchor, and Jim Kayes as sports anchor. The show began to air on Tuesday 7 April 2015 (replacing Firstline) and retained its name after other 3 News shows were renamed to Newshub.


Story was a 30-minute current affairs show presented by Duncan Garner and Heather du-Plessis Allan. The show aired Monday to Thursday nights at 7:00pm with TV3 running a less formal chat/entertainment show on Friday evenings at 7 pm. Story was first launched on 10 August 2015 and replaced Campbell Live.
On 16 December 2016, Story had its final show. Story's frontman, Duncan Garner, moved to the breakfast timeslot.

Campbell Live

Campbell Live was a half-hour-long New Zealand current affairs programme that was broadcast on weeknights on TV3 at 7:00pm (following 3 News) and was hosted by New Zealand television personality, John Campbell. Backup presenters included Lachlan Forsyth, Carolyn Robinson and Rachel Smalley. It was first broadcast on 21 March 2005 and had its last show broadcast on Friday, 29 May 2015. It was replaced with Story that screens on Monday through Thursday, hosted by Duncan Garner and Heather du-Plessis Allan.


Nightline was the late night edition of 3 News, broadcast live on TV3 at approximately 10:30pm anchored by Sacha McNeil. Backup anchors included Ingrid Hipkiss, Samantha Hayes, Susie Nordqvist or Carolyn Robinson. The show concluded on 20 December 2013, being replaced on 27 January 2014 with The Paul Henry Show which the final show aired on 19 December 2014. However an interim replacement simply named 3 News was aired for several weeks at the beginning of 2014, and again in 2015 (before Newsworthy began) and 2016 (before Newshub Late began).


Firstline was a morning news programme produced by 3 News. The show was cancelled in April 2015 and was replaced by Paul Henry. It was anchored by Rachel Smalley, with Sam Ackerman as the sports anchor. The show began on Monday 7 March 2011 off the back of ongoing Christchurch earthquake coverage.

The Paul Henry Show

The Paul Henry Show was a weekday late night news & entertainment programme hosted by Paul Henry. The show discussed the day's news with Henry's trademark take on events and also featured Janika ter Ellen as news anchor. Airing from 27 January to 19 December 2014, the show replaced the former Nightline in the late night weekday slot.,[6] It was replaced by Newsworthy.


Newsworthy was the late night edition of 3 News in 2015 and broadcast live on TV3 at around 10:30pm anchored by Samantha Hayes and David Farrier. Backup anchors included Sacha McNeil and Jenny Suo. The show started on 8 June 2015 with mixed reviews, The final show broadcast on 18 December 2015.

Sports Tonight

Sports Tonight was a sports information programme, broadcast live on TV3 weeknights following Nightline. Sports Tonight was hosted by 3 News sports journalist Howard Dobson. Substitutes included Jeff McTainsh, Andrew Gourdie or Sam Ackerman. The show was cancelled at the end of 2012, and its last programme aired on 21 December 2012. The show has been placed on the back burner in case, TV3 has no current plans to bring the show back at this stage.

60 Minutes

60 Minutes New Zealand was the local arm of the popular television franchise. It was broadcast on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm. The programme was presented by 3 News anchor Mike McRoberts. The programme was cancelled at the end of 2012.

3D Investigates

3D Investigates, originally named 3rd Degree, was created as a replacement for 60 Minutes. It was hosted by Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner. It was later changed to a half-hour format and renamed 3D Investigates. Hosted by Duncan Garner and Samantha Hayes, it was TV3's flagship weekly current affairs programme, featuring stories from some of New Zealand's top journalists; Paula Penfold, Sarah Hall, Melanie Reid, Phil Vine and Samantha Hayes.

3D Investigates brought a human face to the issues that matter to Kiwis, confronting the people who need to be confronted, probing the secrets that need to be uncovered, and celebrating New Zealanders who are living extraordinary lives.[7] At the end of 2015 3D was cancelled.

The Vote

The Vote was produced by TV3's News and Current Affairs division with funding from NZ On Air. It screened once every four weeks in the same timeslot as 3rd Degree (later 3D), TV3's new one-hour current affairs programme.[8] The Vote was cancelled at the end of 2013.


Three60 is TV3's newest current affairs show focusing on international news, politics & business. Three60 is presented by Newshub anchor Mike McRoberts and airs on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

Newshub Midday

Newshub Midday (formerly 3 News @ 12) was a half-hour bulletin broadcast live on TV3 weekdays at 12:00pm. The show was anchored by Jeff McTainsh. Backup presenters include Simon Shepherd, Tom McRae and Melissa Davies.

Newshub Midday was axed in June 2016, airing its last show on 1 July that year. It was replaced by a digital current affairs bulletin called Newshub Explains,[9] which began on 18 July 2016.

Anchors, journalists and producers

Newshub uses the international and domestic news sources of ITV News, Sky News, Channel 4 (UK), CBS News, Reuters, Seven News and Sky News New Zealand.

Samantha HayesNewshubWeeknight AnchorAuckland
Mike McRobertsNewshubWeeknight Anchor
Melissa DaviesNewshubWeekend Anchor
Tom McRaeNewshubWeekend Anchor
Susie NordqvistNewshub Live at 4pmAnchor & producer
Duncan GarnerThe AM ShowAnchor
Amanda GilliesThe AM ShowNews Anchor
Mark RichardsonThe AM ShowSports Anchor
Aziz Al-Sa'afinThe AM ShowSocial Media Reporter
Wilhelmina ShrimptonNewshub Late – Monday to WednesdayAnchor
Patrick GowerNewshubNational CorrespondentWellington
Janika ter EllenNewshub & Prime NewsReporter & Weekend News AnchorAuckland
Michael Wesley-SmithNewshub NationReporterAuckland
Lloyd BurrNewshubEurope CorrespondentLondon
Tova O'BrienNewshubPolitical EditorWellington
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