New Zealand Space Agency

The New Zealand Space Agency is the public service department of New Zealand charged with "space policy, regulation and business development" relating to space activities in New Zealand.[1]

New Zealand Space Agency
Hīkina Whakatutuki
Agency overview
FormedApril 2016 (2016-04)
JurisdictionNew Zealand
HeadquartersDefence House, 15 Stout St,
Agency executive
  • Carolyn Tremain
    Chief Executive
WebsiteNew Zealand Space Agency


The New Zealand Space Agency was formed in April 2016 under the country's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The aim of the agency is to promote the development of a space industry in New Zealand and to reap its economic benefits.[1][2] The government also established the space agency to regulate the country's growing commercial space industry, and specifically to allow space launches by the New Zealand subsidiary of Rocket Lab, a U.S. aerospace company.[3]

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