New York Television Festival

The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) is a yearly festival dedicated to the celebration and promotion of independent small-screen productions, web series, and television.[1]


The festival was founded in 2005, and is held in venues across New York City.[2] Its main event is the Independent Pilot Competition,[3] which showcases independent television pilots to industry executives and producers.[4][5] HBO, NBC Universal, A&E, and many other networks, have all made regular appearances at the festival, while pilots in the competition have received development deals.[6] In addition to the pilot competition, the festival hosts parties, seminars, and other events to honor television as an institution and as an art form.[1]


New York Magazine dubbed the festival "small screen Sundance."[7] In 2017, Tubefilter described the festival's competition slate as "diverse," noting that "44% of all selected projects feature people of color as either creator, writer, or director," and that "71% of the projects feature at least one woman in a core creative role."[8]

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