New York Fight

The New York Fight are a Women's Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL) professional women's field lacrosse team based in Long Island, New York. They have played in the WPLL since the 2018 WPLL season. In the 2018 season, the five teams in the WPLL will play on a barnstorming format, with all five teams playing at a single venue.

LeagueWomen's Professional Lacrosse League
Based inLong Island, New York
Head coachShannon Smith
General managerDanielle Gallagher
FormerlyNew York Fight (2018)


1Lauren LeaMUniversity of Florida
4Katrina DowdANorthwestern University
5Lindsay ScottAUniversity of North Carolina/
Hofstra University
6Kelly McPartlandMUniversity of Maryland
8Alice MercerDUniversity of Maryland
10Paige SoenksenGKUniversity of Colorado Boulder
11Caroline FitzgeraldDUniversity of Florida
12Kayla TreanorASyracuse University
13Casey PeppermanDUniversity of Maryland
15Zoe StukenbergMUniversity of Maryland
16Nicole GrazianoMUniversity of Florida
17Kylie OhlmillerAStony Brook University
18Courtney MurphyAStony Brook University
20Marisa RomeroAHarvard University
21Taylor CummingsMUniversity of Maryland
22Caitlin IngrilliMNorthwestern University
27Shanna BradyDUniversity of Maryland
32Daniela EpplerDUniversity of Virginia
34Kelsey GregersonGKHofstra University
48Sarah BrownDUniversity of Colorado at Boulder



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