New Year Island (Northern Territory)

New Year Island is an low-lying, uninhabited island in the Arafura Sea. It is part of the Northern Territory of Australia, and is 294 km north-east of Darwin, and 50 km east of Croker Island. It is approximately 2 km long, and 800 metres wide.[1]

New Year Island
LANDSAT true color image of
New Year Island Group, Northern Territory, Australia
New Year Island
LocationArafura Sea
Coordinates10.908°S 133.031°E / -10.908; 133.031
StateNorthern Territory
RegionTop End

Like all islands in the Croker Group, New Year Island is Aboriginal freehold land, held by the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust.[2]

New Year Island is noteworthy in that a small rock 60 metres to its north is the northernmost land in the Northern Territory.[3]

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