New South Wales Institute of Sport

The New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS), located at Sydney Olympic Park, was established as a statutory body under the Institute of Sport Act, 1995, following a review recommending central coordination and monitoring of high performance sports programs. Operations officially commenced in 1996. Today, the Institute has almost 700 athletes on squad or individual scholarships and offers 31 sport programs across 24 sports. The services ensure that NSWIS athletes have access to coaching and sports technology while also receiving tailored support to help balance their sporting commitments with personal development and a career.

Under the Institute's Mobile/Regional program, the NSWIS offers support services to NSWIS athletes in their home environment, enabling them to pursue their sporting careers with minimal disruption to their family, education and employment.[1]

The Institute’s principal partner is ClubsNSW, who provides $1 million a year in sponsorship support.[2]

The purpose

The NSWIS is a sport institute that provides coaching, services and training environments. In conjunction with a holistic approach to athlete welfare, career and educational assistance, the NSWIS supports and develops targeted elite and emerging athletes to achieve their highest potential.[3]


The NSWIS runs programs in a number of sports with the objective of preparing young athletes for national and international competition. Programs are run in the following sports:

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