New South Wales Electoral Commission

The New South Wales Electoral Commission is the statutory agency with responsibility for the administration, organisation, and supervision of elections in New South Wales for state government, local government, industrial and Aboriginal organisations, and registered clubs and statutory bodies.

New South Wales
Electoral Commission
Agency overview
FormedOctober 2006
Preceding agency
  • State Electoral Office
JurisdictionNew South Wales
Agency executive
  • John Schmidt, Electoral Commissioner
Key document
  • Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act, 1912

The Commission is responsible for the administration of the Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act, 1912,[1] including the registration or enrolment of electors, the preparation of lists and rolls of electors and the conduct of elections,[2] and reports to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The NSW Electoral Commission determins electoral boundaries using a distribution process which provides for an approximate equal number of electors in each electoral district; with a margin of allowance of plus or minus 10% of the average enrolment. The Electoral Commissioner, a Judge of the Supreme Court and the Surveyor-General review and consider advice prior to determining the electoral boundaries. Electoral boundaries are reviewed after every second election or more frequently, when required under legislation.[3]

Until October 2006, the Commission was known as the State Electoral Office.

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