New Mexico (film)

New Mexico is a 1951 Ansco Color Western film directed by Irving Reis, starring Lew Ayres and Marilyn Maxwell.

New Mexico
Directed byIrving Reis
Produced byIrving Allen
Joseph Justman
Screenplay byMax Trell
StarringLew Ayres
Marilyn Maxwell
Music byRené Garriguenc
Lucien Moraweck
CinematographyJack Greenhalgh
William E. Snyder
Lester White
Edited byLouis Sackin
Justman Productions
Irving Allen Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
  • May 18, 1951 (1951-05-18)
Running time
76 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box officeless than $700,000[1]


President Abraham Lincoln himself comes to New Mexico to discuss living together in peace with Acoma, a feared and respected Indian chief. He presents the chief with a cane as a gift and symbol of their friendship.

Lt. Hunt is promoted due to his personal assistance to Lincoln in arranging the truce. Unhappily, a bigoted superior officer, Col. McComb, and the dastardly Judge Wilcox are opposed to any such treaty. When Hunt states his objection, McComb has him placed under arrest alongside Acoma and a number of Indian braves, also breaking the cane.

Other members of the tribe break them out of jail, killing McComb and others in the process. Hunt takes command and cancels all travel in the region, angering a woman named Cherry who is planning a trip to Nevada. She arrogantly elects to leave anyway, as does Judge Wilcox, so a company of men led by Hunt goes along as escort.

The Indians attack, frightening the two women and burying the judge in the sand. Hunt is disgusted with Cherry's selfish attitude and tells her so. She comes to know one of Acoma's sons, and when another uprising has fatal consequence for the Indian warriors as well as Hunt, she and Acoma's son are lucky to have their lives spared.




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