New Era University College

New Era University College (Chinese: 新纪元大学学院; pinyin: Xīnjìyuán Dàxué Xuéyuàn), abbreviated as NEUC is a non-profit, private university college in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

New Era University College
Kolej Universiti New Era  (Malay)
新纪元大学学院 (Chinese)
Other name
Former name
New Era College
Established1997 (1997)
Vice-ChancellorDr. Mok Soon Chong[1]
Location, ,
Colours             Yellow, red and blue
New Era University College
Simplified Chinese新纪元大学学院
Traditional Chinese新紀元大學學院

NEUC is a LCCI Registered Training Centres (RTC)[2], and also a Cisco Networking Academy, teaches students networking and other information technology-related courses such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional).


Planning for the college started in earnest when a formal application for a College license was made in August 1994. After waiting for three years, the college was eventually approved by the Malaysian Education Ministry on 28 May 1997. The first intake of students at New Era College started their courses on 1 March 1998. It was officially upgraded into a university college on 10 January 2017.[3]


There are three faculties and nine departments under New Era University College:

  • Faculty of Business & Information Technology
    • Department of Business Studies
    • Department of Finance & Accounting
    • Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
    • Department of Chinese Language & Literature
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Guidance & Counselling Psychology
  • Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
    • Department of Art & Design
    • Department of Drama & Visuals
    • Department of Media Studies

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