Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width (film)

Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width is a rarely seen 1973 British comedy film directed by Ronnie Baxter and starring John Bluthal, Joe Lynch and Bernard Stone.[1] It was a spin-off from the ITV television series Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width about two mismatched tailors in the East End of London.

Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width
UK theatrical poster
Directed byRonnie Baxter
Produced byRonnie Baxter
Written byHarry Driver
Vince Powell
StarringJohn Bluthal
Joe Lynch
Music byRonald Cass
CinematographyKen Hodges
Edited byDev Goodman
Distributed byMGM
Release date
3 January 1973
Running time
88 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


In the course of the film, Manny and Patrick hire a sexy new assistant Rita, seriously fall out after a gambling incident, experience woman trouble, find themselves burgled, and eventually end up on holiday in Rome after posing as priests.[2]


Critical reception

Sky Movies wrote, "although one of the better TV spin-offs, this is not so much a feature film as three episodes strung together by a tenuous overall storyline. Indeed, the episodes, chronicling the abrasive love-hate relationship between two East London tailors - one Irish, the other Jewish - are themselves composed of sketches."[3]


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