Neue Musikzeitung

The Neue Musikzeitung (new music newspaper, also written without capitalisation, and abbreviated as nmz) is a magazine focused on Classical music.

Neue Musikzeitung
CategoriesClassical music
Frequencyten editions per years
Year founded1952 (1952)
Websiteneue musikzeitung


The Neue Musikzeitung was first published in 1952 by Bernhard Bosse and Eckart Rohlfs, titled Musikalische Jugend – jeunesses musicales. From 1993, it has appeared as an independent publication of the ConBrio-Verlagsgesellschaft, Regensburg. The paper was awarded the Deutscher Kritikerpreis in 1999.

It is published ten times per year. Topics are premieres of music, reports about music pedagogy, reviews of performances, festivals and new editions, comments to cultural politics and music economy, and information about people and facts of the music scene. It also provides information about jobs in music. The paper has been available online from 1997.[1]

The Neue Musikzeitung is the official publisher of news from music associations:

The paper has published exclusive news about the competition Jugend musiziert, and organisations such as Landesmusikrat NRW, Deutscher Kulturrat, Bayerischer Kulturrat, the Landes-Musikakademien and the EMCY (Vereinigung der europäischen Jugend-Musikwettbewerbe).


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