Nemesis Rail

Nemesis Rail is a railway maintenance and spot-hire company, based in the former British Railways wagon works on Derby Road, Burton upon Trent, England.

Nemesis Rail Limited
ServicesLocomotive maintenance
Locomotive spot-hire

The company was formed in early 2007, it was initially based at Barrow Hill Roundhouse. In July 2011 the company moved to the former BR wagon works on Derby Roard, Burton upon Trent.

The company provides full maintenance services, returning passenger and freight stock to service, and completes examinations on locomotives and coaches for various companies.

Current Fleet

Key: In Service Stored Exported
Number Class Name Livery Status
31128 31 Charybdis BR Blue Operational. Mainline Certified.
33103 33 Swordfish BR Blue Operational. Currently running on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.
45112 45 Royal Army Ordnance Corps BR Blue Stored. Main Line Certified.
47375 47 BR Blue Exported to Hungary Continental Railway Solution in 2015.[1]
47488 47 Two Tone Green Stored.
47701 47 Two Tone Green Operational. Currently running on the Dartmoor Railway.
47744 47 Royal Mail Cheltenham EWS Stored
73114 73 Stewarts Lane Traction Maintenance Depot Large Logo Operational, On loan to the Battlefield Line.
73134 73 Woking Homes 1885-1985 Inter-City Disassembled for spares at Brush Traction.[2]
79976 AC Railcar BR green Stored, partially disassembled.
599022 994 DB Regio Black and yellow Stored, fully disassembled.


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