Nel blu dipinto di blu (film)

Nel blu dipinto di blu (Italian pronunciation: [nel ˈblu diˈpinto di ˈblu]), also known as Nel blu dipinto di blu – Volare, is a 1959 Italian comedy film written and directed by Piero Tellini and starring Domenico Modugno, Giovanna Ralli and Vittorio De Sica.[1]

Nel blu dipinto di blu
Directed byPiero Tellini
Written byEttore Scola
Piero Tellini
Cesare Zavattini
StarringDomenico Modugno
Giovanna Ralli
Vittorio De Sica
Music byMario Nascimbene
CinematographyGianni Di Venanzo
Release date
  • 1959 (1959)


Turi, a young Sicilian tramp, who makes ends meet by doing some occasional work and singing in taverns, lives in a popular district of Rome, Italy where he enjoys many friendships and the sympathy of Assuntina, a beautiful and energetic populace.

One night Turi serves as a witness to certain criminals, who attempt a shot in a jewelry store. The blow fails due to the arrival of a night watchman but Turi is accused of complicity.

To defend himself of the accusation and to justify his presence in that place, he claims to be in love with a maid who lives nearby. When questioned, the girl confirms that she is his fiancee: with this he frees him from the suspicions of the police, but causes him annoyances of another kind, both because, in his naivete, the maid took seriously Turi's declarations and because he provokes the jealousy of Assuntina. To get out of an embarrassing situation, Turi was forced to get engaged officially with the maid but in the meantime a third woman entered her life. It is the daughter of a rich Sicilian industrialist. The girl, thirsty for new sensations, felt attracted by Turi who could not resist seduction.

Assuntina, furious, revives the suspicions of the police and unveils to the poor maid the whole truth. This; after having overcome a crisis, it is easy prey for some individuals who try to exploit it. Turi came out with disgust from the new adventure, he becomes aware of the situation. After a lively discussion with Assuntina, from which he finally leaves Turi, he reaches the young maid, whom he is now genuinely in love with, as they are shown ready to start a new life together.


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