Nehemiah Hawkins

Nehemiah Hawkins (1833 – January 15, 1928) was an American inventor, publisher and author (pen name Theodore Audel) was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He started working with the G&C Merriam Company of Springfield, MA. In Chicago he established a magazine called Steam soon sold and incorporated into Power [1] then moved to New York. He was survived by a son and two daughters.[2]

He wrote (or commissioned and published under his own name) many of the popular Audel's Guides[3] popular with engineers and craftsmen and published by Theodore Audel & Company of New York.[4][5] He sometimes used the pseudonym William Rogers[6] (a likely reference to Roger Williams).[7]

The content of his books published prior to 1923 is now in the Public Domain.

Works in part or whole by N. Hawkins

(In order by year; years may not be first editions.)

  • Handbook of Calculations for Engineers and Firemen. 1889.
  • Maxims and instructions for the boiler room. T. Audel, 1891.
  • Aids to Engineers' Examinations. 1894. 210pp.
  • New catechism of electricity: a practical treatise. T. Audel & Co., 1896. 541pp. "This work is respectfully dedicated to Thomas A. Edison of Llewellyn Park, N.J."[8]
  • New catechism of the steam engine: with chapters on gas, oil and hot air engines. Theo. Audel, 1898 (copyright 1897; reprinted 1900, 1904.) 437pp.[9]
  • Hawkins Indicator Catechism. A Practical Treatise for the Use of Erecting and Operating Engineers, Superintendents, Students of Steam Engineering, Etc. T. Audel, 1899.
  • Aids to engineers' examinations: Prepared for applicants of all grades, with questions and answers. A summary of the principles and practice of steam engineering. T. Audel, 1901. 210pp.
  • Self-Help Mechanical Drawing for home study. T. Audel, 1902. 287pp.
  • The progressive machinist: a practical and educational treatise, with illustrations. T. Audel, 1903. 336pp. (Alternate title: 'The Advance Machinist'.)
  • (as William Rogers). Pumps and hydraulics, Part 1. T. Audel, 1905. 419pp
  • (as William Rogers). Pumps and hydraulics, Part 2. T. Audel, 1905. 424pp.
  • Hawkins' mechanical dictionary: a cyclopedia of words, terms, phrases and data used in the mechanic arts, trades and sciences. T. Audel, 1909. 684pp.
  • Hawkins' electrical dictionary: a cyclopedia of words, terms, phrases and data used in the electric arts, trades and sciences. Audel, 1910. 537pp.
  • Hawkins Electrical Guide: Alternating currents and alternators. T. Audel, 1914. 1266pp.
  • Hawkins and Staff, Hawkins Electrical Guide Number One. New York: Theo. Audel, 1917.
  • Hawkins, Theodore Lucas, Frank Duncan Graham. Audels new marine engineers guide: a practical treatise on marine engines, boilers and auxiliary machinery..... Theo. Audel, 1918.
  • Hawkins, Edwin P. Anderson. Audels mechanical dictionary for technical trades, arts and sciences: defining 17000 words, terms, phrases, formulas, rules. Theo. Audel, 1942. 948pp.

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