Nederlands Dagblad

Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch Daily) is a Dutch daily newspaper, available nationwide, with a daily circulation of 20,735 issues in 2016.


The paper was founded in 1944 as a semi-resistance paper called Reformatie Stemmen (Reformatory Voices). After the war it was renamed De Vrije Kerk (The Free Church) and later Gereformeerd gezinsblad (Reformed Family Paper). In 1959 it became a daily.

The paper obtained its current name in 1967. For many years it had a liaison with the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (Liberated) and the Gereformeerd Politiek Verbond, a former Dutch political party. In recent years, it attempts to offer a broader perspective on contemporary issues from a Christian point of view. It also prides itself on focusing on less populated regions nationwide (vs. the Randstad).


  • 2000: 32,006
  • 2010: 30,019
  • 2011: 27,269 (-9.2%)
  • 2012: 24,943 (-8.5%)
  • 2013: 23,200 (-7.0%)
  • 2014: 21,544 (-7.1%)
  • 2015: 22,675 (+5.2%)
  • 2016: 20,735 (-8.5%)

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