Necker Nymph

The Necker Nymph is a submersible vehicle operated by Virgin Aquatic[1] from the 32-metre yacht Necker Belle,[2] which is based at the Virgin Limited Edition resort Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.[3]

Name: Necker Nymph
Owner: Virgin Limited Edition
Operator: Virgin Oceanic
Builder: Hawkes Ocean Technologies
Cost: £415,000
General characteristics
Class and type: DeepFlight Merlin
Displacement: 750kg
Length: 4.6m
Beam: 3.0m
Capacity: 3
Crew: 1

The Necker Nymph is the initial example of the DeepFlight Merlin class of positively-buoyant open-cockpit wet subs manufactured by Hawkes Ocean Technologies.[4] It relies on hydrodynamic forces for anti-lift force. It is 4.5 metres long, capable of 360-degree "hydrobatic" maneuvers, can dive up to 40 metres underwater, and seats one pilot and two passengers in an open cockpit (necessitating wearing scuba gear).[5][6][7] Occupants have a "windscreen" to protect them from the water's slipstream.[8]


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