Neales River

The Neales River is a watercourse located in the Far North region of the Australian state of South Australia.

Neales Overflow
A map of the Lake Eyre basin showing Neales River
Location of the river mouth in South Australia
EtymologyIn honour of John Bentham Neales
StateSouth Australia
RegionFar North
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Brougham[1][2]
  locationWelbourne Hill[2]
  elevation354 m (1,161 ft)[2]
MouthLake Eyre
28°04′02″S 136°54′03″E
−1 m (−3.3 ft)
Length420 km (260 mi)[1]
Basin size35,000 square kilometres (14,000 sq mi)[1]
Basin features
River systemLake Eyre Basin
  leftBarlow Creek

The river is a tributary of Lake Eyre. The original Ghan railway crossed the Neales River floodplain over Algebuckina Bridge.

Neales River was named by explorer John McDouall Stuart after businessman and politician John Bentham Neales.[4]

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