Ne me quitte pas

"Ne me quitte pas" ("Don't leave me") is a 1959 song by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. It has been covered in the original French by many artists and has also been translated into and performed in many other languages. A well-known adaptation, with English lyrics by Rod McKuen, is "If You Go Away".

"Ne me quitte pas"
Song by Jacques Brel
from the album La Valse à Mille Temps
Recorded11 September 1959
Songwriter(s)Jacques Brel


"Ne me quitte pas" is considered by some as "Brel's ultimate classic".[1] It was written after Brel's mistress "Zizou" (Suzanne Gabriello) threw him out of her life.[2] Zizou was pregnant with Brel's child, but Brel refused to acknowledge the child as his own. Zizou later had an abortion due to Brel's actions.[2] Brel first recorded the song on 11 September 1959, and it was released on his fourth album La Valse à Mille Temps.[3] It was published by Warner-Chappell Publishing. In 1961 a Dutch-language version sung by Brel was released on the Philips label; entitled "Laat me niet alleen", with lyrics by Ernst van Altena, it was a B-side to Marieke (also a Dutch-language version).[4] Brel recorded "Ne me quitte pas" again as the title track of his 1972 album.

In a 1966 interview, Brel said that "Ne me quitte pas" was not a love song, but rather "a hymn to the cowardice of men", and the degree to which they were willing to humiliate themselves. He knew, he said, that it would give pleasure to women who assumed it was a love song, and he understood that.[5]

The lyrics "Moi, je t'offrirai des perles de pluie venues de pays où il ne pleut pas" ("I'll offer you rain pearls from lands where it does not rain") are sung to a theme borrowed from the second part, Lassan (Andante), of the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 by the composer Franz Liszt.

Johnny Hallyday version

"Ne me quitte pas / La garce"
Single by Johnny Hallyday
from the album Johnny Hallyday au Zénith
B-side"La garce"
ReleasedNovember 30, 1984 (1984-11-30)
Johnny Hallyday singles chronology
"Rien à personne"
"Ne me quitte pas" / "La garce"
"Le Chanteur abandonné"
Music video
"La garce" on YouTube

French singer Johnny Hallyday released a live version of this song as a single in November 1984. It was recorded during his performances at Le Zénith. The song was part of his 1984 album Johnny Hallyday au Zénith.

Critical reception

Alain Wodrascka in his 2008 book Johnny Hallyday: les adieux du rock'cœur notes how Hallyday put in his 1984 cover of Jacques Brel's "Ne me quitte pas" his special vocal qualities, i.e. his vocals that are "full of sensuality and expression of physical strength of an indestructible man, who sings as if making love".[6]

Track listing

7" single Philips 880 504-7

Side 1. "Ne me quitte pas" (5:25)
Excerpt from the album Zénith no. 824 045-2
Arrangement: Éric Bouad
Side 2. "La garce" (Studio Version) (4:56)
Arrangement: Éric Bouad[7][8]

Other versions



  • 2012: Mashrou' Leila's version "ما تتركني هيك - ne me quitte pas". Indie band from Lebanon performed the cover-version at Paleo Festival Nyon – (Chapiteau / Switzerland) in 2012.
  • 2017: Mike Massy adapted the song in Arabic, Lebanese slang "ما تفل Ma Tfell / Ne Me Quitte Pas" and released it in his EP "Le Délire". Lyrics by Nami Moukheiber, Arranged by Mike Massy.


  • 1976: Onnik Dinkjian's version "Yete Heranas." Recorded by Onnik Dinkjian with John Berberian (oud) and others (all from the US) on the album "Inner Feelings of Onnik." (US release)
  • 2015: Lilit Bleyan's version "Չթողնես երբեք": Recorded at Ardini studio (Yerevan, Armenia)


  • 1980: Laurika Rauch's version "Moenie weggaan nie". Dutch artist Herman van Veen performed a cover-version in the 2000s.
  • 2011: Herman van den Berg's version "Laat my by jou bly".


  • 2008: Źmicier Vajciuškievič's version "Nie hublaj mianie" ("Не губляй мяне")was recorded on the album Toje što treba.


  • 1965: Emili Vendrell – "No em deixis tan sol"
  • 1967: Mercè Madolell – "No te'n vagis pas"
  • 1968: Salomé – "No em deixis mai"
  • 2005: Albert Fibla – "No em deixis, no"





The pop standard "If You Go Away", with lyrics by Rod McKuen, has been covered by many artists including Ray Charles. Different lyrics by Momus, closer to those of the original, render the song as "Don't Leave", added to all reissues of his 1986 album Circus Maximus. American duo the Black Veils translate the song as "Don't Leave Me" on their 2009 album Troubadours, which includes translations of six other French chansons. Sung by Holcombe Waller in Ryan Trecartin's "Sibling Topics (section a)" at 23:10.


West Frisian

  • 2007: Douwe Heeringa "Leafste bliuw by my"



  • 1971: Vicky Leandros in the album Pes mou pos mporeis (Tell me how you can).
  • 1979: Yiannis Parios in the LP Tha Me Thymithis (You will remember me), with the title "Mi me afinis mi" (Don't leave me, don't).
  • 1996: Haris Alexiou in her live album: Gyrizontas ton kosmo (During my world tour).
  • 2007: Yiannnis Parios' live rendition of the aforementioned song.
  • 2009: Vassilikos in the album "Vintage"


  • 1974: Dani Granot Sang "Ana Al Telchi" - Please don't go(אנא אל תלכי), a translation by Dafna Eilat, in his album Shkiot Nashim Vechol Hashar.
  • 1992: The late Yossi Banai sings Al telchi mikan - Don't go from here(אל תלכי מכאן), a translation by Naomi Shemer, in the Im neda' le'ehov – Songs of Jacques Brel (אם נדע לאהוב) record
  • 2001: Rita and Rami Kleinstein sang the same Hebrew version live in their tour, that was later released on a CD, Rita Rami on Stage
  • 2008: Itay Pearl Israeli composer, wrote a song as a response to the original Jacques Brel version.
  • 2009: Shlomi Shaban: Translated by Dory Manor, Al Telchi Achshav - Don't go now (אל תלכי עכשיו).
  • 2011: Miri Mesika sings the translation by Naomi Shemer, in her




  • 1974: Simone de Oliveira (Portugal) "Não me vás deixar (Ne Me Quitte Pas)" (J. Brel – David Mourão Ferreira) in Nunca mais a Solidão
  • 1979: Altemar Dutra (Brazil) "Se Você Partir" – Se Você Partir (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (J.Brel – Romeo Nunes)
  • 1989: Raimundo Fagner (Brazil) "Não Me Deixes" – Não Me Deixes (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (J. Brel – Fausto Nilo)


  • 1973: Radmila Karaklajić's version "Если ты уйдёшь" (Melodiya, LP album "Радмила Караклаич" USSR 1973)[14]
  • 1995: Igor Ivanov's version "Если ты уйдёшь" (CDRDM 502065, CD album "Игорь Иванов – Я тебя помню", 1995)[15]
  • 2001: Mumiy Troll's version "Когда ты уйдёшь"


  • 1968: Anica Zubović's version "Ako odeš ti" (Beograd Disk, EP "Anica" Yugoslavia 1968)


  • 2009: Branko Završan "Saj ne boš kar šla"
  • 2011: Jure Ivanušič "Ne zapusti me"


  • ?: Matt Monroe "No me dejes no"
  • ?: Alma Ritano "No me dejes no"
  • 1977: Angélica María "No me dejes no"
  • 1997: Sandy Aruba's salsa music version "No Me Dejes Mas"
  • 2011: Fito Páez: "Ne me quitté pás", Album: "Canciones para Aliens"


  • 1968: Lill Lindfors: "Om du går din väg" in Kom i min värld
  • 1982: Tommy Körberg & Stefan Nilsson: "Du får inte gå" in Tommy Körberg & Stefan Nilsson tolkar Jacques Brel
  • 2000: Maria Stoltz: "Du Får Inte Gå" in Franska chansoner


  • 1972: Zeki Müren "Beni Terketme"
  • 1975: Ertan Anapa "Beni Terketme"
  • 1977: Lale Belkıs "Beni Bırakma"


  • 2008: Mendy Cahan's version "לאָז מיך נישט אַלײן"


  • 2007: Das Blaue Einhorn's version of "Ne Me Quitte Pas" in French and German, from their album Verkauf dein Pferd – Lieder vom Halten und Lassen (2007)
  • 2014: Caro Emerald as a digital download performed in both French and English.


The song was used in season 1 episode 19 of the critically acclaimed TV show Person of Interest. "Ne Me Quitte Pas" was used by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar in his sixth film, Law of Desire, in a striking performance by Brazilian singer Maysa Matarazzo. A parody of the song and the singer, as the archetypal chansonnier, was performed by Italian actor Gigi Proietti.[16] It is also the name of an episode in the series Ramy.


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