Navy Island Royal Naval Shipyard

Navy Island Royal Naval Shipyard was a Royal Navy yard in Ontario.

Navy Island Royal Naval Shipyard
Niagara River, Ontario
Site information
Controlled byRoyal Navy
Site history
In use1763 – 1818
Battles/warsWar of 1812
Garrison information
GarrisonFrench naval base 1700s; Royal Navy base for Lake Erie after 1763

Located on Navy Island in the Niagara River, it served as a French naval base in the early 18th century and was acquired by the British in 1763. The Royal Navy used it for their Lake Erie fleet during the War of 1812. Abandoned by the navy with the passage of the Rush-Bagot Treaty in 1817, it was formally acquired by Canada in 1822. It is now a National Historic site and managed by the Niagara Parks Commission.

Ships built (two sloops and three schooners), repaired or defending or stationed at the base included:

  • HMS Tecumseth (1) - schooner 1814, sunk 1828; raised and displayed since 1953
  • HMS Detroit
  • HMS Hunter
  • HMS Chippeway (1)
  • HMS Queen Charlotte
  • HMS Lady Prevost
  • HMS Little Belt
  • Huron - schooner 1761
  • Michigan - sloop 1762
  • Royal Charlotte - sloop 1764
  • Boston - schooner 1764
  • HMS Victory - schooner 1764
  • Gladwyn - schooner 1764
  • Newash - schooner 1815 (1)
  • Minos - steam vessel 1840 (1)

(1) - built in Chippawa

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