Naval Education and Training Command

The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) is an enterprise level shore command of the United States Navy that is responsible for training, education and professional development of the Navy's 400,000 active duty and reserve Sailors through accession, continuing education, and advancement training. The Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET), currently a 2-star Admiral, directs over 22,000 personnel and over 160 various activities tasked with the preponderance of training activities for USN and USMC officer and enlisted personnel. NETC itself is headquartered aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, with NETC N7 located onboard Naval Station Norfolk.

Naval Education and Training Command
Naval Education and Training Command seal
CountryUnited States
Branch United States Navy
TypeForce Command
RoleTraining and education of naval forces
HQNaval Air Station Pensacola, Florida
Motto(s)Fleet Readiness starts here
Commanding Officer Rear Admiral Upper Half Kyle J. Cozad
Chief of Naval Education and Training
Executive OfficerMr. Richard L. James, Senior Executive Service
Chief of StaffCaptain Mike Whitt
Force Master ChiefFORCM (AW/SW/FMF) Mamudu Cole


The mission of NETC is "to educate and train those who serve, providing the tools and opportunities which enable life-long learning, professional and personal growth and development, ensuring fleet readiness and mission accomplishment; and to perform such other functions and tasks assigned by higher authority. Additionally, serve as sole claimant for individual training and education, and as the principal advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (COMUSFLTFORCOM) on training and education related matters.[1]

Probably the most high profile of the four subordinate commands is that of Naval Service Training Command, based in Naval Station Great Lakes, in Great Lakes, Illinois is the one-star command that is responsible for the training of all new accessions into the United States Navy. He or she oversees the operation of Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, the Navy's only enlisted recruit training location, and is responsible for the operation of Officer Training Command at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island, and the operation of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) at several schools across the country. The only accession route not commanded by NSTC is that of the United States Naval Academy, which is overseen by the Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy, who reports directly to the CNO.[2]

NETC Learning Centers

After initial training, most personnel must continue on to an apprentice-level training before entering the fleet. For that, Navy NETC has created eleven "learning centers"[2] that provide those initial and continuing training to the personnel across the service:

In addition, NETC operates Training Support Centers, that provide centralized student management and infrastructure support the individual learning centers and their subordinate sites, located in San Diego, Virginia Beach and Great Lakes, Illinois.

NETC Professional Development Center (NETPDC)

Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center, which is located on Saufley Field in Escambia County, Florida is the home of all of the Navy's enlisted professional development programs and products, which include the administering Voluntary Education (VOLED) programs, including the Navy College program, which allows enlisted servicemembers to obtain college credits for Naval Training, as well as administering the Tuition Assistance program that pays for 100% of a servicemembers college courses expense while the member is active duty.[3]

In addition, NETPDC administers, develops and delivers the Navy-wide Advancement examination, and processes individuals for advancement, in conjunction with the Bureau of Naval Personnel.[4]

Chief of Naval Education and Training

United States Navy
Chief of Naval Education and Training
RADM Michael S. White

since January 2014
Reports to
Constituting instrumentOPNAVINST.5450.336 (series)
WebsiteOfficial Website

    The Chief of Naval Education and Training is the individual responsible to the Chief of Naval Operations for the training and education of all enlisted and commissioned personnel of the United States Navy, and oversees the Naval Education and Training Command.

    While not a member of the OPNAV staff, he is responsible to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education) for the operation and management of the Navy Advancement Center, which uses bi-annual testing to advance enlisted members, and is "the principal advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (COMUSFLTFORCOM) on training and education related matters."[1]

    List of Chiefs of Naval Education and Training

    Period Name Date of Command
    1. 1971–1974 VADM Malcom W. Cagle July 1971
    2. 1974–1978 VADM James B. Wilson September 1974
    3. 1978–1980 RADM Paul C. Gibbons, Jr. November 1978
    4. 1980–1983 RADM Kenneth L. Shugart June 1980
    5. 1983–1985 VADM James A Sagerholm January 1983
    6. 1985–1988 VADM Nils R. Thunman November 1985
    7. 1988–1991 RADM John S. Disher October 1988
    8. 1991–1992 VADM John H. Fetterman, Jr. January 1991
    9. 1992–1994 VADM Robert K. U. Kihune August 1992
    10. 1994–1996 VADM Timothy W. Wright August 1994
    11. 1996–1997 VADM Patricia A. Tracey June 1996
    12. 1997–2001 VADM John W. Craine, Jr. December 1998
    13. 2001–2004 VADM Alfred G. Harms, Jr. May 2001
    14. 2004–2007 VADM James K. Moran November 2004
    15. 2007–2009 RADM Gary R. Jones January 2007
    16. 2009–2012 RADM Joseph F. Kilkenny August 2009
    17. 2012–2014 RADM Donald P. Quinn January 2012
    18. 2014–2017 RADM Michael S. White January 2014
    19. 2017- RADM Kyle J. Cozad July 2017

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