National Women's League (Ghana)

The National Women's League (NWL) is the top division league for women's football in Ghana. It was first launched in 2012.[1]

National Women's League (NWL)
Current championsHasaacas Ladies


Up to 2006 only some regional areas had active women's football leagues. In 2006, a zonal league was created, that played out a national champion for the first time. Ghana was divided into three zones that played a league stage. Each zone then advanced two teams to a national stage.[2]

The current format was first played in 2012–13. The league is played in two divisions, after the league stage, both division winners meet in a championship final. The first final was won by Hasaacas Ladies 2–1 over Fabulous Ladies at the Accra Sports Stadium.[3] A large part of football equipment was sponsored by FIFA.[4]

2012–13 founding teams

The twelve teams of the initial season were divided into two zones of six teams.[4]

Southern Zone
Cape Coast Ghatel Ladies, Soccer Intellectuals, Hasaacas Ladies, Ayoola Ladies, Immigration Ladies, Volta Amalga Ladies
Northern Zone
Bolga Ghatel, Reformers, Lepo Ladies, Ampem Darkoa Ladies, Fabulous Ladies, Ashtown Ladies

Championship finals

The list of champions and runners-ups:

Season Champions Result Runners-up
2012–13 Hasaacas Ladies 2–1 Fabulous Ladies
2013–14[5] Hasaacas Ladies 0–0 a.e.t. (5–3 pen.) Fabulous Ladies
2014–15[6] Hasaacas Ladies 1–0 Ampem Darkoa
2015–16[7] Ampem Darkoa 1–0 Hasaacas Ladies
2017[8] Ampem Darkoa 1–0 Lady Strikers

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