National Tribunal of Journalistic Ethics

Bolivia's National Tribunal of Journalistic Ethics (Spanish: Tribunal Nacional de Ética Periodística; TNEP) is an independent advisory body to the Bolivian press, which monitors the behavior of journalists according to ethical criteria.[1] The tribunal, which forms part of the National Council of Journalist Ethics (Spanish: Consejo Nacional de Ética Periodística), accepts and rules on individual complaints.

As of November 2010,[2][3] the members of the tribunal are:

  • Alberto Bailey Gutiérrez (President), winner of the National Journalism Prize
  • María Eugenia Verástegui. (Secretary General), journalist
  • Marcelo Guardia Crespo, journalist director of the Communications department at the Catholic University of Bolivia
  • Waldo Albarracín Sánchez, former Ombudsman
  • Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé, former President of Bolivia (2005–06) and former Chief Justice of the Bolivian Supreme Court


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