National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Рада національної безпеки і оборони України) or NSDC (Ukrainian: РНБО / RNBO[U]), is an advisory state body to the President of Ukraine.

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC)
Рада Національної Безпеки і Оборони України (РНБО)
Council official logo
Agency overview
Formed11 October 1991
Preceding agency
  • Defense Council of the
    National Security Council
Jurisdiction Ukraine
Headquarters8, Petro Bolbochan street,
Kiev, Ukraine, 01601[1]
Agency executives
Parent agencyPresident of Ukraine
WebsiteOfficial website

It is a state agency tasked with developing a policy of national security on domestic and international matters in advising the President of Ukraine (currently Volodymyr Zelensky). All the sessions of the council take place in the Presidential Administration Building. The council is since 3 October 2019 headed by (its secretary) Oleksiy Danilov.[2]


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Defense Council

The Defense Council was created by the provision of Supreme Council of Ukraine #1658-12 on October 11, 1991. The Defense Council was defined as the highest state body of collegiate governing on matters of defense and security of Ukraine with following goals:

  • Protecting sovereignty
  • Constitutional order
  • Territorial integrity and inviolability of the republic
  • Developing strategies and continuous improvement of policy in sphere of defense and state security
  • Comprehensive scientific assessment of the military threat nature
  • Determining position toward modern warfare
  • Effective control over the execution of the tasks of the state and its institutions keeping defense capabilities of Ukraine at the level of defense sufficiency

On January 23, 1992 the President of Ukraine appointed Myroslav Vitovsky as a secretary of the Defense Council, a position which Vitovsky held until November 30, 1995.

Initial composition

  • Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ukraine[3]
  • Prime Minister of Ukraine[3]
  • Head of commission of the Supreme Council of Ukraine on issues of defense and state security of Ukraine[3]
  • State Minister on issues of defense, national security and emergency situations in Ukraine[3]
  • State Minister on issues of defense complex and conversion of Ukraine[3]
  • Minister of Defense of Ukraine[3]
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine[3]
  • Director of the Security Service of Ukraine[3]
  • Commander of Border Troops of Ukraine[3]
  • Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine[3]
  • Chief of Staff of the Civil defense of Ukraine[3]

After the establishment and elections of the President of Ukraine the composition of the council was reformed on April 9, 1992 by a provision of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament).[4]

National Security Council

The Council was originally created under temporary provision on July 3, 1992 as the National Security Council, but significantly revamped and strengthened under President Leonid Kuchma in 1994. The council was headed by a Presidential adviser in national security matters:

  • July 1, 1992 - April 19, 1993 Volodymyr Selivanov (Adviser of the President of Ukraine on national security matters - Secretary of National Security Council)
    • before November 19, 1992 as State adviser of Ukraine on national security matters
  • December 1, 1993 - August 5, 1994 Valeriy Kartavtsev (Secretary of National Security Council)
  • August 5, 1994 - November 10, 1999 Volodymyr Horbulin (Secretary of National Security Council)
    • since October 17, 1994 as Secretary of National Security Council - Adviser of the President of Ukraine on national security matters

On August 23, 1994 President of Ukraine adopted new provision for the Council. After the adaptation of the Constitution of Ukraine on June 28, 1996, the provisions of the council (National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) were outlined in the Article 107. Thus the National Security Council was merged with the already existing Defense Council of Ukraine and was adapted by the Presidential edict on August 30, 1996.

Current Membership / Composition

Besides the President and their secretary, the council consists of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Defense, Head of Security Service of Ukraine, Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The head of the council is the President of Ukraine assisted by the secretary whom they are allowed to appoint. In the absence of existing President of Ukraine, such as between elections, the acting chairman of the council is the Prime Minister. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada is not a member of the council, but they are allowed to participate in the meetings. Members of the council may also be other chairmen of government bodies of the executive branch. Any other individual is only allowed by special invitation from the Chairman of the Council.

In June 2014, President Petro Poroshenko reshuffled the membership of the council.[5][nb 1]

If the President resigns, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada becomes the acting head of the National Security and Defense Council.[6]

List of government institutions


According to former secretary Andriy Klyuyev, 460 people worked at the Council in 2010, while in April 2012 the number of employees was 90.[7] President Viktor Yanukovych limited the number of employees of the Council to 180 on 9 April 2012.[7]

Secretaries since 1994

# Name Secretary of Council
1 Volodymyr Horbulin August 30, 1994 — November 10, 1999
2 Yevhen Marchuk November 10, 1999 — June 25, 2003
3 Volodymyr Radchenko September 2, 2003 — January 20, 2005
4 Petro Poroshenko February 8, 2005 — September 8, 2005
5 Anatoliy Kinakh September 27, 2005 — May 16, 2006
act Volodymyr Horbulin May 24, 2006 — October 10, 2006
6 Vitaliy Haiduk October 10, 2006 — May 12, 2007[8]
7 Ivan Plyushch May 12, 2007 — November 26, 2007
8 Raisa Bogatyrova December 24, 2007 — February 14, 2012
9 Andriy Klyuyev February 14, 2012 — January 24, 2014[9]
10 Andriy Parubiy February 27, 2014 — August 7, 2014[10][11]
11 Oleksandr Turchynov December 16, 2014[11] — 19 May 2019[12]
12 Oleksandr Danylyuk May 28, 2019[13] — September 27, 2019[14]
12 Oleksiy Danilov October 3, 2019[2] — present


  1. Before this the list of government institutions was:
    • Office of President (President of Ukraine)
    • Government of Ukraine (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine)
    • National law enforcement agency (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
    • National security agency (Security Service)
    • National defense agency (Ministry of Defense)
    • National agency on foreign policy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • Representative of the council's secretariat (Secretary of RNBOU)
    • (optional) Representative of national legislation (Chairman of the Supreme Council)


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