National Register of Historic Places listings in St. Clair County, Michigan

The following is a list of Registered Historic Places in St. Clair County, Michigan.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 13, 2019.[1]
[2] Name on the Register[3] Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Colony Tower Complex July 22, 1994
6503 Dyke Rd. (M-29), Clay Township
42°37′56″N 82°36′57″W
Pearl Beach Boundary increase (added 1995-07-21): 6503 Dyke Rd. (MI 29), Clay Township
2 Wilbur F. Davidson House October 5, 1972
1707 Military St.
42°57′59″N 82°25′30″W
Port Huron
3 Federal Building August 7, 1974
526 Water St.
42°58′29″N 82°25′34″W
Port Huron
4 Fort Gratiot April 14, 1980
Along Thomas Edison Parkway [5][6]
42°59′42″N 82°25′41″W
Port Huron
5 Fort Gratiot Lighthouse July 30, 1976
Omar and Garfield Sts.
43°00′23″N 82°25′21″W
Port Huron
6 Grand Trunk Western Railroad Depot April 13, 1977
520 State St.
42°59′55″N 82°25′34″W
Port Huron
7 Harrington Hotel April 22, 1982
1026 Military Street
42°58′22″N 82°25′28″W
Port Huron
8 Howard Block March 17, 1994
201-205 Huron Ave.
42°58′35″N 82°25′29″W
Port Huron
9 Huron (lightship) July 12, 1976
Pine Grove Park on the St. Clair River
42°59′21″N 82°25′36″W
Port Huron
10 Jeddo Road–South Branch Mill Creek Drain Bridge January 28, 2000
Jeddo Rd. over S. Branch Mill Creek Drain
43°08′36″N 82°50′13″W
Brockway Township
11 Ladies of the Maccabees Building April 22, 1982
901 Huron Ave.
42°59′00″N 82°25′29″W
Port Huron
12 Marine City City Hall January 11, 1982
300 Broadway St.
42°43′10″N 82°29′35″W
Marine City
13 Marine City Water Works September 15, 2011
229 S. Main St.
42°43′03″N 82°29′36″W
Marine City
14 Masters Road–Belle River Bridge January 27, 2000
Masters Rd. over the Belle R.
42°56′24″N 82°49′50″W
Riley Township
15 James McColl House January 31, 1985
205 S. Main St.
43°07′36″N 82°47′55″W
16 Military Road Historic District August 14, 1998
Military St. and Huron Ave., from Court St. to Bard St.
42°58′34″N 82°25′31″W
Port Huron
17 St. Clair Flats South Channel Range Lights May 24, 1990
0.6 mi (0.97 km) west of the southern tip of Harsens Island
42°32′15″N 82°41′41″W
18 St. Clair Inn July 3, 1995
500 N. Riverside Ave.
42°49′40″N 82°29′04″W
St. Clair
19 St. Clair River Tunnel October 15, 1970
St. Clair River between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario
42°57′30″N 82°24′38″W
Port Huron
20 Seventh Street–Black River Bridge February 4, 2000
Seventh St. over the Black River
42°58′34″N 82°25′39″W
Port Huron
21 LeRoy Smith House April 4, 1996
9503 Frank St.
42°38′31″N 82°30′50″W
22 USCGC Bramble August 1, 2012
2336 Military St.
42°57′36″N 82°25′32″W
Port Huron
23 Vernier Street–Swan Creek Bridge January 28, 2000
Vernier St. over Swan Creek
42°40′50″N 82°39′29″W
Ira Township The bridge was demolished in 2014.[7]
24 Wadhams Road–Pine River Bridge January 28, 2000
Wadhams Rd. over the Pine River
42°52′17″N 82°33′28″W
Saint Clair Township The bridge was demolished in 2007.[8]
25 Ward-Holland House January 13, 1972
433 N. Main St.
42°43′26″N 82°29′22″W
Marine City

Listings Formerly Located in St. Clair County

The following listings were located in St. Clair County at the time they were placed on the Register, but have since moved to other locations.

Name on the
Image Date listed Current Location Location when Listed Description
1 Indian Trail Road–Belle River Bridge January 28, 2000
Steel Bridge Research, Inspection, Training and Engineering Center, S. Sharon Chapel Rd., West Lafayette, Indiana
40°24′31″N 86°57′02″W
Indian Trail Rd. over Belle River 42°46′30″N 82°32′58″W Removed and replaced in 2008, then moved to West Lafayette, Indiana in 2015.[9]

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