National Register of Historic Places listings in Oregon

This is a list of properties and historic districts in Oregon that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are listings in all of Oregon's 36 counties.

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The National Register of Historic Places recognizes buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts of national, state, or local historic significance across the United States.[1] Out of over 90,000 National Register sites nationwide,[2] Oregon is home to more than 2,000 NRHP listings.[3]

Over one-fourth of the NRHP listings in the state are found in Multnomah County. In turn, the large majority (over 90%) of Multnomah's NRHP sites are situated within the city of Portland.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 13, 2019.[4]

Current listings by county

The following are approximate tallies of current listings by county.[lower-alpha 1]

County # of
1 Baker 14
2 Benton 57
3 Clackamas 87
4 Clatsop 61
5 Columbia 13
6 Coos 53
7 Crook 6
8 Curry 46
9 Deschutes 45
10 Douglas 51
11 Gilliam 3
12 Grant 10
13 Harney 7
14 Hood River 37
15 Jackson 151
16 Jefferson 9
17 Josephine 60
18 Klamath 30
19 Lake 19
20 Lane 137
21 Lincoln 35
22 Linn 73
23 Malheur 17
24 Marion 116
25 Morrow 5
26.1 Multnomah: Portland North 32
26.2 Multnomah: Portland Northeast 84
26.3 Multnomah: Portland Northwest 129
26.4 Multnomah: Portland Southeast 106
26.5 Multnomah: Portland Southwest 220
26.6 Multnomah: Other 39
26.7 Multnomah: Duplicates (8)[lower-alpha 2]
26.8 Multnomah: Total 602
27 Polk 30
28 Sherman 5
29 Tillamook 30
30 Umatilla 42
31 Union 19
32 Wallowa 22
33 Wasco 34
34 Washington 48
35 Wheeler 2
36 Yamhill 85
(duplicates) (13)[lower-alpha 3]
Total: 2,048

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  1. These counts are based on entries in the National Register Information Database as of April 24, 2008 and new weekly listings posted since then on the National Register of Historic Places web site. There are frequent additions to the listings and occasional delistings and the counts here are approximate and not official. New entries are added to the official Register on a weekly basis. Also, the counts in this table exclude boundary increase and decrease listings which only modify the area covered by an existing property or district, although such increases and decreases carry a separate National Register reference number.
  2. Several historic resources within Multnomah County are included on multiple area lists:
  3. Several historic resources in Oregon, mostly of a linear nature, are included on multiple county lists:


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  3. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon Historic Sites Database, retrieved July 26, 2014. Note that a simple count of National Register records in this database returns a slightly higher total than actual listings, due to duplicate records. A close reading of detailed query results is necessary to arrive at the precise count.
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