National Register of Historic Places listings in Oakland County, Michigan

The following is a list of Registered Historic Places in Oakland County, Michigan.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 13, 2019.[1]
[2] Name on the Register[3] Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Gregor S. and Elizabeth B. Affleck House October 3, 1985
1925 N. Woodward Ave.
42°35′17″N 83°14′59″W
Bloomfield Hills
2 Eli and Sidney Teeter Albertson House December 12, 2002
4480 Sheldon Rd.
42°44′02″N 83°07′35″W
Oakland Township
3 Royal Aldrich House August 19, 1994
31110 W. 11 Mile Rd.
42°29′06″N 83°21′24″W
Farmington Hills
4 Andrews-Leggett House June 12, 1987
722 Farr St.
42°35′39″N 83°29′25″W
Commerce Township
5 Apple Island Historic Archaeological Site July 20, 2018
Approx. 1/2 mi. from 4549 Commerce Rd.
42°35′21″N 83°22′21″W
Orchard Lake Village
6 Axford-Coffin Farm March 15, 2002
384-388 W. Predmore Rd.
42°47′10″N 83°08′41″W
Oakland Township
7 B and C Grocery Building March 22, 2006
417-19 S. Main St.
42°29′09″N 83°08′39″W
Royal Oak Constructed in 1946; features a metal panel Art Modern facade.
8 Botsford Inn September 19, 1979
28000 Grand River Ave.
42°26′38″N 83°19′23″W
9 Botsford-Graser House March 15, 2002
24105 Locust Dr.
42°28′13″N 83°23′04″W
Farmington Hills
10 Brooks Farm March 16, 1972
3521 Big Beaver Rd.
42°33′39″N 83°11′28″W
Troy The William Brooks Farm, also known as the Washington Stanley Farm, contains an 1852 fieldstone farmhouse and associated outbuildings. Troy pioneer Washington Stanley and his descendants farmed here from 1826-1911; the William Brooks family used it as a dairy until the 1960s. It is currently the headquarters of the Kresge Foundation.
11 Casa del Rey Apartments June 29, 1989
111 Oneida Rd.
42°37′57″N 83°18′39″W
12 Caswell House January 13, 1972
60 W. Wattles Rd.
42°34′40″N 83°09′03″W
Troy An especially well-preserved example of Greek Revival architecture. The home was built by Solomon and Hulda Caswell in 1832, and Caswell's descendants occupied it until 1965, when William Caswell, Solomon's grandson, died a bachelor. In 1968, the house was moved from its original location, and it is now part of the Troy Museum and Historic Village.
13 Central School February 16, 1984
101 E. Pike St.
42°38′16″N 83°17′18″W
14 Clarkston Village Historic District May 15, 1980
42°44′11″N 83°25′08″W
Clarkston Village Located in the southern part of Independence Township along M-15. The historic district includes Buffalo Street, Church Street, Clarkston Road, Depot Road, Holcomb Street, Main Street (M-15), Miller Road, Waldon Road and Washington Street, and includes over 100 historic structures.
15 Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal March 24, 1972
Runs between Utica and Yates
42°39′17″N 83°03′10″W
Utica The Clinton–Kalamazoo Canal was begun in 1838, with the plan of connecting Mount Clemens to the mouth of the Kalamazoo River. However, funding quickly dried up, and all construction stopped in 1843 after only 13 miles had been completed. The remains of the canal extend into both Oakland County and Macomb County.
16 Cranbrook March 7, 1973
Lone Pine Rd.
42°34′15″N 83°14′52″W
Bloomfield Hills The Cranbrook Educational Community was founded in the early 20th century by newspaper mogul George Gough Booth. The campus began as a farm, purchased in 1904, and now consists of Cranbrook Schools, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Cranbrook Art Museum, Cranbrook Institute of Science and Cranbrook House and Gardens. Much of the campus was designed by Albert Kahn and Eliel Saarinen, and sculptors Carl Milles and Marshall Fredericks also spent many years in residence at Cranbrook.
17 Derby Street-Grand Trunk Western Railroad Bridge January 27, 2000
Derby St. over Grand Trunk Western Railroad
42°33′15″N 83°12′11″W
18 Detroit Finnish Co-operative Summer Camp January 25, 2007
2524 Loon Lake Rd.
42°32′55″N 83°31′03″W
Wixom The Detroit Finnish Cooperative Summer Camp is a camping facility started in 1925 by a group of Detroit-area people of Finnish descent to preserve and share the traditions of their native land.
19 Detroit Zoological Park August 24, 1990
8450 W. Ten Mile Rd.
42°28′38″N 83°09′26″W
Huntington Woods/Royal Oak The Detroit Zoo opened in 1928, and has periodically expanded since then. Currently situated on 125 acres of land, it provides a natural habitat for more than 3,300 animals representing 280 species, and hosts more than 1.1 million visitors annually.
20 Downtown Holly Commercial District April 25, 1986
Roughly bounded by Maple St., S. Broad St., Grand Trunk Western Railroad, and First St.
42°47′32″N 83°37′38″W
21 Eagle Theater February 16, 1984
11-15 S. Saginaw St.
42°38′14″N 83°17′32″W
22 Eastern Michigan Asylum Historic District March 20, 1981
140 Elizabeth Lake Rd.
42°38′47″N 83°19′05″W
Pontiac The Eastern Michigan Asylum (later the Pontiac State Hospital, then the Clinton Valley Center) was a psychiatric hospital built according to the Kirkbride Plan. Designed by Michigan State Capitol architect Elijah E. Myers, the facility opened in 1878. Despite treating 3100 patients at its peak, usage declined and the facility was closed in 1997 and demolished in 2000.[5] The boundaries of the historic district were decrease in 1986.
23 John & Mary Elizabeth Booth Endicott House March 25, 2008
290 Chesterfield
42°33′47″N 83°13′53″W
Bloomfield Hills
24 Caleb Everts House October 14, 1980
8880 Hickory Ridge Rd.
42°43′33″N 83°39′49″W
25 Fairgrove Avenue Historic District January 31, 1985
Along Fairgrove Ave. between N. Saginaw and Edison Sts.
42°38′39″N 83°17′34″W
26 Farmington Historic District June 18, 1976
Grand River Ave. and Shiawassee Ave. from Warner St. to junction
42°27′56″N 83°22′41″W
27 First Methodist Episcopal Church of Farmington August 25, 2014
33112 Grand River Ave.
42°27′51″N 83°22′25″W
28 Dr. Henry K. Foote House January 11, 1985
213 W. Huron St.
42°35′06″N 83°36′07″W
29 Franklin Boulevard Historic District August 11, 1983
Roughly bounded by Grand Trunk Western Railroad, Orchard Lake Ave., Miller and W. Huron Sts.
42°38′06″N 83°18′07″W
30 Franklin Historic District February 10, 1969
Roughly bounded by Fourteen Mile Rd., the Franklin River, Romany Wy., and Franklin Rd.
42°31′43″N 83°18′18″W
Franklin Boundary increase (added 2005-07-27): Franklin Rd. and adjoining Sts.
31 Jacob and Rebecca Fuerst Farmstead August 21, 1997
24000 Taft Rd.
42°27′54″N 83°29′36″W
Novi The farmstead was demolished in 2008.[6]
32 Gillespie Street-Clinton River Bridge January 27, 2000
Gillespie St. over Clinton River
42°37′34″N 83°17′52″W
33 Grand Trunk Western Railroad Birmingham Depot September 12, 1985
245 S. Eton St.
42°32′48″N 83°11′42″W
34 Griggs Brothers-Rochester Elevator Company Grain Elevator December 13, 2010
303 East University Drive
42°40′55″N 83°07′54″W
Rochester 1880 wooden grain elevator on the Michigan Central Railroad critical to the agrarian economy of the region through the mid-20th century.[7]
35 Grinnell Brothers Music House April 19, 1984
27 S. Saginaw St.
42°38′10″N 83°17′31″W
36 Highland United Methodist Church July 9, 1981
205 W. Livingston Rd.
42°38′15″N 83°37′10″W
Highland Historic Gothic Revival church building; constructed in 1886. The Hickory Ridge School, built in 1835, was moved to the site in 1946 and serves as the rear addition. In 1980, the building was purchased by Highland Township, and the structure currently known houses the Huron Valley Council for the Arts.
37 Hilzinger Block May 17, 2006
106-110 S. Main St.
42°29′23″N 83°08′41″W
Royal Oak Completed in 1925 for the Hilzinger Hardware Store. The store occupied the building until 2002, after which the facade was renovated to match the original appearance.
38 Hirst Hotel February 8, 1980
110 Battle Alley
42°47′27″N 83°37′36″W
39 Holly Union Depot December 21, 2000
223 S. Broad St.
42°47′21″N 83°37′27″W
40 Horatio N. Howard House December 27, 1984
403 N. Saginaw
42°38′50″N 83°17′41″W
41 Hubbard-Kesby House June 3, 1996
1965 W. Dawson Rd.
42°33′49″N 83°38′08″W
42 John W. Hunter House January 13, 1972
556 W. Maple Rd.
42°32′48″N 83°13′10″W
43 Indian Lake Road Stone Arch Bridge July 22, 2005
Indian Lake Rd., east of M-24
42°47′51″N 83°14′47″W
Orion Township Currently used as part of a walk/bike path over Indian Lake Road.
44 Lake Orion Historic District August 23, 2006
Roughly bounded by Elizabeth St., Hauxwell Dr., Front St., and Lapeer St.
42°47′10″N 83°14′19″W
Lake Orion
45 Lathrup Village Historic District March 16, 1998
Roughly bounded by city limits, Red River Dr., Interstate 696, Middlesex Ave., Meadowbrook Way, and Margate Ave.
42°29′35″N 83°13′35″W
Lathrup Village
46 Lower Trout Lake Bathhouse Complex and Contact Station September 3, 2013
Bald Mountain Recreation Area Entrance Drive (Orion Township, Michigan)
42°44′19″N 83°13′25″W
Auburn Hills vicinity
47 Kittie C. McCoy House March 25, 2009
1455 Benstein Road
42°32′40″N 83°30′12″W
Commerce Township
48 Meadow Brook Farms April 17, 1979
480 S. Adams Rd.
42°40′23″N 83°11′55″W
Rochester vicinity Also known as Meadow Brook Farm. Tudor Revival mansion built between 1926 and 1929 by Matilda Dodge Wilson (the widow of auto pioneer John Francis Dodge) and her second husband, lumber broker Alfred G. Wilson. In 1957, the mansion and the surrounding property and buildings were donated to establish Michigan State University–Oakland, now Oakland University.
49 Milford Rural Agricultural School January 22, 1992
630 Hickory St.
42°35′38″N 83°35′52″W
50 Modern Housing Corporation Addition Historic District June 9, 1989
Roughly bounded by Montcalm St., Perry St., Joslyn Ave., Gage St., Glenwood, and Nelson St.
42°39′13″N 83°16′44″W
51 Myrick-Palmer House July 8, 1970
223 W. Huron St.
42°38′12″N 83°18′04″W
52 Milo Prentice Newberry House October 9, 2018
705 Bloomer Rd.
42°40′37″N 83°07′09″W
53 North Milford Village Historic District April 21, 2000
Historic area of North Milford Village
42°35′26″N 83°35′51″W
54 H. Augustus and Agnes Cleveland O'Dell House-Inch House March 17, 2009
1945 Tiverton Road
42°35′16″N 83°14′40″W
Bloomfield Hills
55 Oak Hill Cemetery June 20, 1989
216 University Dr.
42°38′34″N 83°17′07″W
56 Orchard Lake Schools Historic District March 19, 1982
Indian Trail
42°35′38″N 83°21′28″W
Orchard Lake Encompasses the area occupied in 1877 for the Michigan Military Academy, an all-boys military prep school established by Captain J. Sumner Rogers. The school closed in 1908 due to bankruptcy, and in 1910 the Polish Seminary of Detroit purchased the campus moved the school (now SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary) there. The campus is also home to St. Mary's Preparatory, and is used by nearby Madonna University.
57 Ortonville Mill April 16, 1971
366 Mill St.
42°51′07″N 83°26′45″W
58 Oxford Downtown Historic District July 15, 2019
Washington St./MI-24 and Burdick St.
42°49′29″N 83°15′54″W
59 Pleasant Ridge East Historic District February 1, 2007
Bounded generally by Woodward, 10 Mile Rd., Conrail, and eastern and southern city limits
42°28′14″N 83°08′13″W
Pleasant Ridge
60 Pleasant Ridge Historic District August 11, 1992
Roughly bounded by Millington Rd., Woodward Ave., Ferndale and Ridge Rd.
Boundary increase (listed December 13, 2010): West of Ridge Rd. to city limits of Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, and Ferndale.

42°28′14″N 83°08′43″W
Pleasant Ridge
61 Plumbrooke Estates November 22, 2019
Plumbrooke Dr.
42°27′41″N 83°14′54″W
62 Pontiac Commercial Historic District February 16, 1984
1-29 N. Saginaw St., 5-29 W. Lawrence St., and 10-18 W. Pike St.
42°38′13″N 83°17′35″W
Pontiac Boundary increase (added 1989-06-23): Roughly E. Huron St. and S. Saginaw St. within loop of Wide Track Dr.
63 Walter P. and May Wolf Reuther House June 20, 2002
3924-3950-3954 Ellamae (Oakland Township)
42°44′28″N 83°10′19″W
64 Rowe House December 6, 1975
2360 Lone Tree Rd., northwest of Milford
42°37′21″N 83°38′53″W
65 Sashabaw Presbyterian Church October 9, 1980
Northeast of Clarkston at 5331 Maybee Rd.
42°43′09″N 83°21′44″W
Clarkston Built in 1856 for the First Presbyterian of Independence Township. The congregation dissolved in 1932, and in 1946, the Sashabaw United Presbyterian Church was organized and began using this building as its home.
66 William Edmund and Nina A. Downey Scripps Estate September 27, 2007
1840 Scripps Rd.
42°44′58″N 83°17′01″W
Lake Orion Also called the Scripps Mansion or Moulton Manor. Tudor Revival mansion built by William Edmund Scripps for his family in 1927; now serves as a Catholic Guest House and Retreat Center.
67 Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Stein Smith House March 28, 1997
5045 Ponvalley Rd., Bloomfield Township
42°33′54″N 83°16′16″W
Pontiac Also known as Myhaven. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Usonian home that was constructed in 1949 and 1950. The owners were two public school teachers living on a tight budget. The 1957 landscape design is by Thomas Dolliver Church.
68 Rollin Sprague Building-Old Stone Store April 22, 1999
300 Main St.
42°40′46″N 83°08′00″W
69 St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, Convent, and School June 9, 1989
150 E. Wide Track Dr.
42°37′56″N 83°17′14″W
Pontiac The St. Vincent de Paul Church was built in 1885. In 1999, the diocese merged the St. Vincent de Paul parish with two other local parishes (St. Joseph and St. Michael the Archangel) to form the St Damien of Molokai parish.
70 Stony Creek Village Historic District June 26, 1972
Northeast of Rochester on Washington Rd.
42°41′48″N 83°06′49″W
71 Thomas W. and Margaret Taliaferro House September 15, 2011
1115 Eton Cross
42°34′35″N 83°13′51″W
Bloomfield Hills
72 Charles Torrey House May 21, 1992
1141 Foxwood Ct.
42°36′58″N 83°13′23″W
Bloomfield Township
73 Trowbridge Road-Grand Trunk Western Railroad Bridge January 28, 2000
Trowbridge Rd. over Grand Trunk Western Railroad
42°34′50″N 83°13′51″W
Bloomfield Hills
74 Waterford Village Historic District August 10, 1979
Dubay Street, Pontiff Street, Steffens Street, Andersonville Road and Airport Road.
42°42′00″N 83°24′20″W
Waterford Township
75 Western Knitting Mills June 9, 2000
400 Water St.
42°40′49″N 83°07′52″W
76 Wisner House July 8, 1970
405 Cesar Chavez Ave.
42°38′54″N 83°18′17″W
77 Minoru and Teruko (Hirashiki) Yamasaki House December 11, 2013
3717 Lakecrest Drive
42°35′14″N 83°13′33″W
Bloomfield Hills The home of architect Minoru Yamasaki, designed by him in 1972.
78 Joseph D. Yerkes House January 26, 1984
42580 Eight Mile Rd.
42°26′18″N 83°27′53″W
Novi The original Joseph Yerkes House burned in 1989.[8]
79 Robert Yerkes House November 30, 1973
535 E. Base Line Rd.
42°26′17″N 83°28′35″W

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