National Register of Historic Places listings in Lenawee County, Michigan

The following is a list of National Register of Historic Places listings in Lenawee County, Michigan.

Broken off from the western portion of Monroe County in 1826, Lenawee County was the eighth county formally organized in the Michigan Territory (later the state of Michigan in 1837). With an estimated population at approximately 100,800, Lenawee County is ranked 21st in population of Michigan's 83 counties. Lenawee County currently has 43 listings on the National Register of Historic Places.

The first property listed was Walker Tavern on January 25, 1971. The most recent addition was the Blissfield Downtown Historic District on June 29, 2015. The 43 properties listed include nine historic districts, five churches, 17 houses, one cemetery, and one bridge, among other properties. One property, the Dr. Leonard Hall House in Hudson, has since been demolished but is still listed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 13, 2019.[1]
Municipality Listings
Adrian Charter Township
Blissfield Township
Cambridge Township
Clinton Charter Township
Fairfield Township
Franklin Township
Macon Township
Raisin Charter Township

Current listings

[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed[3] Location City or town Description
1 Adrian Engine House No. 1 August 21, 1989
126 East Church Street
41°53′50″N 84°02′11″W
Adrian Constructed in 1855, the main feature of this fire station is a landmark tower that is one of the tallest structures in the city. It was the oldest continuously operating fire station in Michigan when it closed in 1987.
2 Adrian Public Library December 6, 1977
110 East Church Street
41°53′49″N 84°02′13″W
Adrian The Adrian Public Library was built in 1909 with funding from the Andrew Carnegie Library Fund. It no longer functions as a library. Today, the building houses the Lenawee County Historical Museum.
3 Adrian Union Hall–Croswell Opera House April 18, 1985
129 East Maumee Street
41°53′55″N 84°02′09″W
Adrian Built in 1866, it is recognized as the oldest continuously running theater in Michigan. Located in downtown Adrian, the property consists of the Croswell Opera House and the adjoining Adrian Union Hall.
4 Blissfield Downtown Historic District June 29, 2015
Bounded by Pearl, Jefferson, Giles, Adrian, and the Blissfield railroad line
41°49′55″N 83°51′46″W
Blissfield Located in the downtown area of the village of Blissfield, the district contains 44 listed properties dating back to 1875 and consists of numerous architectures and mixed uses. It is the most recent addition to the county's listings on the National Register of Historic Places.
5 Brookside Cemetery August 13, 1986
North Union Street
42°00′40″N 83°57′10″W
Tecumseh The Brookside Cemetery dates back to 1853. A Civil War memorial was erected in the cemetery in 1882, and the stone-arch entrance was constructed in 1913. Many early settlers of the county are buried here.
6 David Carpenter House November 20, 1979
424 West Adrian Street
41°50′08″N 83°52′18″W
Blissfield Built around 1851 for David Carpenter, a local merchant and landowner, this large house has undergone a few additions and modifications over the years, and today, it serves as a restaurant known as the Hathaway House.
7 Dr. Samuel Catlin House August 13, 1986
213 East Chicago Boulevard
42°00′16″N 83°56′32″W
Tecumseh Located in downtown Tecumseh, this house was constructed in 1866 by renown local architect Salmon Crane, who built it for Dr. Catlin. The house went through various owners and today serves as an insurance office.
8 Civil War Memorial June 29, 1972
Monument Park, E. Church St.
41°53′47″N 84°01′45″W
Adrian Erected in 1870, this stone monument was once a column belonging to the Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. It was erected to commemorate soldiers from Adrian who died in the American Civil War.
9 Clark Memorial Hall January 14, 1985
120–124 South Winter Street
41°53′55″N 84°02′18″W
Adrian Constructed in 1888 in downtown Adrian, the building served as the headquarters for the Adrian Lodge of the Odd Fellows. It was sold in 1986 and currently houses Maggard Razors.
10 Clinton Downtown Historic District April 27, 2010
101–151 and 104–172 West Michigan Avenue; plus Memorial Park
42°04′19″N 83°58′21″W
Clinton Located around the intersection of Tecumseh/Jackson Street and U.S. Route 12, the district traces its origins to the village's founding in 1837. Designated in April 2010, it is the newest historic listing in Lenawee County.
11 Gov. Charles Croswell House March 16, 1972
228 North Broad Street
41°53′59″N 84°01′57″W
Adrian Located near downtown Adrian, this house was built in the 1840s and purchased by Charles Croswell in the 1850s. He later went on to become governor of Michigan from 1877–1881. The house now serves as a museum.
12 Davenport Hotel May 4, 2007
1280 U.S. Route 12
42°03′47″N 84°07′01″W
Franklin Township Built in the 1830s, the building has served a variety of purposes, ranging from a tavern, general store, post office, and stopoff for stagecoaches. Today, it serves as an inn known as the Bauer Manor.
13 Dennis-State Streets Historic District April 14, 1975
Bounded by Union, Dennis, State, and New York Central Railroad tracks
41°53′40″N 84°02′11″W
Adrian This historic district contains 80 residential buildings comprising a number of architectural styles. Located in southern Adrian, it consists of two blocks of houses with most dating back around the 1860s, with the oldest built in 1835. A single property, the Bidwell Mansion, was added to the district as a boundary increase in 1979.
14 Downtown Adrian Commercial Historic District April 17, 1986
Bounded by Toledo, Broad, Church, Maumee; Winter Street and the River Raisin
41°53′55″N 84°02′12″W
Adrian This district includes most of Adrian's downtown area. Most buildings are 2–3 story commercial businesses; the oldest buildings date back to 1865. The district encompasses a variety of architectural styles.
15 Musgrove Evans House March 16, 1972
409–411 East Logan Street
42°00′20″N 83°56′23″W
Tecumseh Built in 1826, this house is the oldest residential house in the county and among the oldest in the state. The house has been moved from its original location but has maintained its original appearance as a private dwelling.
16 First Presbyterian Church of Blissfield September 3, 1971
306 Franklin Street
41°50′08″N 83°52′02″W
Blissfield The church itself dates back to 1829, and the current building was built in 1849 by Reverend John Monteith. It is one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in the state and the oldest church in Blissfield.
17 Heman R. Goodrich House January 22, 1992
428 South Church Street
41°51′01″N 84°21′19″W
Hudson This unique structure is the largest of the two octagon houses in the county. Heman Goodrich, who built this house in 1861, was one of the earliest settlers in Hudson. Each facade is 15 feet (4.6 m) long.
18 Joseph E. Hall House August 13, 1986
210 South Oneida Street
42°00′07″N 83°56′30″W
Tecumseh Built around 1870, this modest house was first owned by Joseph Hall, who was a local jeweler. It is one of the many valued properties designed by local architect Salmon Crane. The house remains privately owned.
19 Dr. Leonard Hall House October 2, 1978
334 West Main Street
41°51′17″N 84°21′25″W
Hudson Built in 1847, it was one of the earliest homes in Hudson. The Hall family maintained ownership for many years until they sold it to the city, where it was torn down to make room for commercial development.
20 William Hayden House August 13, 1986
108 West Pottawatamie Street
42°00′09″N 83°56′45″W
Tecumseh Built in 1860, this detailed Italianate villa was built by local miller William Hayden. He purchased and operated the Globe Flour Mill, which was the backbone of Tecumseh's economy in the late-nineteenth century.
21 George B. and Amanda Bradish Horton Farmstead February 1, 2007
4650 West Horton Road
41°47′58″N 84°06′42″W
Fairfield Township Covering 40 acres (16 hectares) in rural Fairfield, it was first settled in 1888. Built with Queen Anne Style, the farmhouse remains privately owned. There are several other buildings on the property as well.
22 Hudson Downtown Historic District December 24, 1974
Main between Howard and Market; Church between Seward and Railroad
41°51′18″N 84°21′20″W
Hudson This commercial center dates back to 1837 with the arrival of the railways, and Hudson thrived as a trading center from 1854–1891. Most of the buildings maintain their original appearance and serve as storefronts.
23 Irish Hills Towers May 2, 2007
8433 West U.S. Route 12
42°03′22″N 84°09′23″W
Cambridge Township Constructed in 1924, the two wooden observation tourist towers are along U.S. Route 12 in the Irish Hills region in the northernmost portion of the county. They have been closed to the public since 2000.
24 Jackson Branch Bridge No. 15 December 4, 2001
Michigan Southern Railway tracks over the River Raisin
41°56′35″N 83°56′46″W
Raisin Charter Township Built in 1896, this 254-foot-10 12-inch (77.686 m) long truss bridge carries a single line over the River Raisin. It is an active railroad, and Southern Michigan Railroad Society passenger trains cross it. It is the county's only bridge on the National Register.
25 John W. and Erena Alexander Rogers Keeney Farm September 24, 2001
5300 Monroe Street
42°01′26″N 84°05′19″W
Franklin Township Consisting of 256 acres (104 hectares) along M-50 in rural Franklin Township, this apple orchard was settled and owned by the Keeney family since 1835. The current farmhouse was constructed between 1865–1868.
26 George J. Kempf House August 13, 1986
212 East Kilbuck
42°00′04″N 83°56′33″W
Tecumseh Constructed in 1905 for local carpenter George Kempf, this two-story house is a well-preserved mix between Queen Anne and Colonial Revival architecture. Kempf and his brother built many houses in Tecumseh.
27 Lenawee County Courthouse February 28, 1991
309 North Main Street
41°54′07″N 84°02′06″W
Adrian When the county seat was moved from Tecumseh to Adrian in 1837, the courthouse was built but burned down in 1852. The current Romanesque courthouse was completed in 1885 and stands near downtown Adrian.
28 Lorenzo and Ruth Wells Palmer House October 8, 2001
760 Maple Grove Avenue
41°51′52″N 84°20′58″W
Hudson Built in 1845, this Greek Revival house was built for Connecticut native Lorenzo Palmer in northeast Hudson when he moved to Michigan. The house has retained most of its original characteristics.
29 John Pennington–Henry Ford House December 31, 1974
8281 Clinton Macon Road
42°03′58″N 83°52′04″W
Macon Township Built around 1845 by John and Hannah Pennington, the property itself was settled much earlier. Henry Ford purchased and restored the property in the 1930s. Ford later sold the property, and it remains privately owned.
30 Raisin Valley Friends Meetinghouse April 28, 1982
3552 North Adrian Highway
41°56′17″N 84°00′21″W
Adrian Charter Township Currently known as the Raisin Valley Friends Church, it was constructed in 1835 by Quaker settlers. It is recognized as the second oldest operating church building in the state of Michigan.
31 Saint Elizabeth's Church August 13, 1986
302 East Chicago Boulevard
42°00′14″N 83°56′30″W
Tecumseh Recognized as the first Catholic church in Tecumseh, it was built in 1913. The expanding church moved to a new location in 1951. In 1982, the city purchased the building for the Historical Society of Tecumseh.
32 Saint Joseph Church and Shrine May 4, 2007
8742 U.S. Route 12
42°03′24″N 84°09′51″W
Cambridge Township Located along U.S. Route 12 in the Irish Hills region, this stone church was constructed in 1854 and is one of the oldest operating churches in the region. The property has undergone numerous additions over the years.
33 St. John's Lutheran Church December 27, 1984
121 South Locust Street
41°53′46″N 84°01′50″W
Adrian This church was built in 1861 in part due to a surge in German immigrants. It is notable as the oldest Greek Revival Lutheran church building in Michigan. It continues to serve Lutherans in the Adrian area.
34 St. Mary of Good Counsel Catholic Church February 24, 1983
320 Division Street
41°53′41″N 84°02′00″W
Adrian The church is significant as the home of Adrian's oldest Catholic congregation, which dates back to 1852. This church building was completed in 1871 and continues to serve the Catholic community.
35 St. Michael and All Angels' Episcopal Church and Cambridge Township Cemetery February 4, 2004
11646 Old Monroe Pike
42°03′19″N 84°13′12″W
Cambridge Township The district, located near the junction of M-50 and U.S. Route 12, consists of a church and cemetery. The current church building was constructed in 1855. The cemetery is located next to the church.
36 G.P. Sparks House August 13, 1986
509 East Logan Street
42°00′21″N 83°56′16″W
Tecumseh Built in 1883, this Victorian house was built for sewing machine merchant G. P. Sparks. It is one of the most significant Upright and Wing houses in Tecumseh. It was once attached to a larger farm that no longer exists.
37 Tecumseh Downtown Historic District April 17, 1986
East and West Chicago Boulevard and South Evans Street
42°00′14″N 83°56′43″W
Tecumseh Comprising the historic commercial district of Tecumseh, the area grew when railways came through in the 1830s but development later halted when Tecumseh lost the county seat and the railway closed.
38 Tecumseh Historic District September 13, 1984
West Chicago Boulevard and Union Street; also 704–710 West Chicago Boulevard
42°00′15″N 83°57′04″W
Tecumseh This residential district dates back to 1830 and includes a number of architectural styles. Located near downtown Tecumseh, it was designated in 1984 and officially expanded to include more Chicago Boulevard properties on May 18, 1990.
39 Samuel W. Temple House August 13, 1986
115 West Shawnee Street
42°00′25″N 83°56′48″W
Tecumseh Built around 1866, Samuel Temple used the property for his lumber yard. It is one of the best examples of Italianate architecture in Tecumseh, although the house is currently vacant and unmaintained.
40 Gamaliel Thompson House April 3, 1975
101 Summit Street
41°51′06″N 84°21′14″W
Hudson Built for local banker Gamaliel Thompson in 1890, it is one of the finest examples of Queen Anne style architecture in the United States in Michigan. The house now serves as a hall for special events.
41 Murray D. Van Wagoner Memorial Bridge January 27, 2000
MI 156 over Silver Cr.
41°42′45″N 84°12′41″W
Morenci Built in 1935 to carry the Taft Memorial Highway (now M-156) over Silver Creek in Morenci.
42 S. Walker's Hotel May 2, 2007
11705 U.S. Route 12
42°03′32″N 84°13′18″W
Cambridge Township
43 Walker Tavern January 25, 1971
11710 U.S. Route 12
42°03′36″N 84°13′30″W
Cambridge Township Originally built in 1832 as a farmhouse, it was converted into an inn and tavern in 1843. In 1921, it was restored and converted into a museum, and in 1965, it became part of the Cambridge Junction Historic State Park.
44 Nathaniel S. Wheeler House February 24, 1975
7075 M-50
42°01′26″N 84°07′55″W
Cambridge Township This cobblestone home was built by one of Cambridge Township's earliest settlers, Nathaniel Wheeler, in 1845. The house has been passed through various owners but has undergone little changes in appearance.

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