National Register of Historic Places listings in Klamath County, Oregon

This list presents the full set of buildings, structures, objects, sites, or districts designated on the National Register of Historic Places in Klamath County, Oregon, and offers brief descriptive information about each of them. The National Register recognizes places of national, state, or local historic significance across the United States.[1] Out of over 90,000 National Register sites nationwide,[2] Oregon is home to over 2,000,[3] and 30 of those are found partially or wholly in Klamath County.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 13, 2019.[4]

Current listings

[5] Name on the Register Image Date listed[6] Location City or town Description
1 Army Corps of Engineers Road System August 12, 2019
Roughly parallel to Rim Drive and Pinnacles Road
42°52′48″N 122°02′16″W
Crater Lake National Park
2 Baldwin Hotel October 2, 1973
31 Main St.
42°13′14″N 121°47′12″W
Klamath Falls
3 Judge Henry L. Benson House December 2, 1981
137 High St.
42°13′25″N 121°47′07″W
Klamath Falls
4 Bisbee Hotel October 12, 2006
229 S. 6th St.
42°13′27″N 121°46′47″W
Klamath Falls
5 Blackburn Sanitarium September 27, 1996
1842 Esplanade Avenue
42°13′58″N 121°46′25″W
Klamath Falls
6 Bly Ranger Station March 11, 1981
Highway 140
42°24′03″N 121°02′41″W
7 Comfort Station No. 68 December 1, 1988
Rim Dr., near Rim Village Campground
42°54′42″N 122°08′44″W
Crater Lake National Park
8 Comfort Station No. 72 December 1, 1988
Rim Dr., in Rim Village Campground
42°54′41″N 122°08′50″W
Crater Lake National Park
9 Crater Lake Lodge May 5, 1981
Crater Lake National Park
42°54′36″N 122°08′22″W
Crater Lake National Park
10 Crater Lake Superintendent's Residence May 28, 1987
Munson Valley
42°54′03″N 122°08′12″W
Crater Lake National Park The 1930s-era Munson Valley development was originally one of the best-designed rustic installations in a U.S. national park. This is the only building in the group to remain in near-original condition, and it employed unusual construction methods in response to the very short Crater Lake building season.[7]
11 Fort Klamath Site October 7, 1971
SE of Fort Klamath
42°41′31″N 121°58′20″W
Fort Klamath
12 Fred Goeller House June 3, 1998
234 Riverside Dr.
42°13′03″N 121°47′29″W
Klamath Falls As of 2013, the Goeller House has fallen into a state of disrepair.[8]
13 Honeymoon Creek Snow-Survey Cabin December 29, 2000
Sky Lakes Wilderness
42°40′01″N 122°11′54″W
Ashland vicinity
14 Jacksonville-to-Fort Klamath Military Wagon Road May 16, 1979
S of Butte Falls
42°28′46″N 122°26′57″W
Butte Falls vicinity
15 Klamath County Armory and Auditorium May 18, 2011
1451 Main St.
42°13′42″N 121°46′29″W
Klamath Falls
16 Klamath Falls City Hall October 30, 1989
226 S. 5th St.
42°13′24″N 121°46′51″W
Klamath Falls
17 Old Klamath Falls City Library October 30, 1989
500 Klamath Ave.
42°13′25″N 121°46′51″W
Klamath Falls
18 Lake of the Woods Ranger Station – Work Center April 8, 1986
Winema National Forest
42°23′09″N 122°13′34″W
Klamath Falls vicinity
19 Linkville Pioneer Cemetery July 11, 2014
Corner of Lexington Avenue and Upham Street
42°14′02″N 121°46′58″W
Klamath Falls
20 Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge October 15, 1966
Lower Klamath Lake, east of Dorris, California (See also Siskiyou County, California.)
41°56′48″N 121°39′53″W
Worden This national wildlife refuge, established in 1908, was the first large block of public land set aside for wildlife management purposes. Because of its origins in the Klamath Basin reclamation project, it became an ongoing example of the tensions between conservation and commercial demands in public land management.[9]
21 Warren Mills House February 11, 1993
123 High St.
42°13′22″N 121°47′17″W
Klamath Falls
22 Munson Valley Historic District December 1, 1988
Munson Valley Rd.
42°53′52″N 122°08′04″W
Crater Lake National Park
23 Oregon Bank Building September 10, 1987
905 Main St.
42°13′38″N 121°46′45″W
Klamath Falls
24 Point Comfort Lodge December 31, 1979
27505 Rocky Point Rd.
42°28′18″N 122°05′24″W
Rocky Point
25 Richardson–Ulrich House August 11, 1988
636 Conger Ave.
42°13′24″N 121°47′40″W
Klamath Falls
26 Rim Drive Historic District January 30, 2008
Rim Drive along edge of caldera surrounding Crater Lake
42°57′24″N 122°02′49″W
Crater Lake National Park
27 Rim Village Historic District September 18, 1997
Jct. of Rim Village Rd. and an access rd.
42°54′37″N 122°08′33″W
Crater Lake National Park
28 Sinnott Memorial Building No. 67 December 1, 1988
Rim Dr., near Rim Village Campground
42°54′42″N 122°08′33″W
Crater Lake National Park
29 Valley Hospital September 8, 1988
405 Pine St.
42°13′27″N 121°47′06″W
Klamath Falls
30 Watchman Lookout Station No. 168 December 1, 1988
Off Rim Dr. on The Watchman
42°56′35″N 122°10′21″W
Crater Lake National Park

Former listings

[5] Name on the Register Image Date listedDate removed Location City or town Summary
1 Winthrow-Melhase Block June 14, 1982
December 28, 1994[10] 4th and Main Sts.
Klamath Falls

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