National Register of Historic Places listings in Hawaii

This is a list of properties and historic districts in Hawaii listed on the National Register of Historic Places. More than 340 listings appear on all but one of Hawaii's main islands (Niihau being the exception) and the Northwestern Islands, and in all of its five counties. Included are houses, schools, archeological sites, ships, shipwrecks and various other types of listings. These properties and districts are listed by island, beginning at the northwestern end of the chain.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 6, 2019.[1]

Current listings by island and county

The following are approximate tallies of current listings by island and county. These counts are based on entries in the National Register Information Database as of April 24, 2008[2] and new weekly listings posted since then on the National Register of Historic Places web site, all of which list properties simply by county;[3] they are here divided by island for the sake of easier navigation. There are frequent additions to the listings and occasional delistings, and the counts here are approximate and not official. New entries are added to the official Register on a weekly basis.[4] Also, the counts in this table exclude boundary increase and decrease listings which modify the area covered by an existing property or district and which carry a separate National Register reference number. The number of NRHP listings on each island are documented by tables in each of the individual island lists, and the number of listings in each county is determined by adding the totals of the islands in that county. Kalawao and Maui counties are the sole exception: Kalawao County is a peninsula on Molokai, which is otherwise a part of Maui County.

Island # of Sites
1 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands 3
2 Niihau 0
3 Kauai 38
4 Oahu 166
5 Molokai 27
6 Lanai 2
7 Maui 39
8 Kahoolawe 1
9 Hawaii 86
County # of Sites
1 Hawaii 86
2 Honolulu 169
3 Kalawao 2
4 Kauai 38
5 Maui 67

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Many small islands, all uninhabited, lie northwest of Kauai. They are included in Honolulu County,[lower-alpha 1] despite the vast distance between them and Oahu.[5]

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Necker Island Archeological District June 13, 1988
Address Restricted
23°34′00″N 164°42′00″W
Necker Island Part or all of the island
2 Nihoa Island Archeological District June 13, 1988
Address Restricted
23°03′41″N 161°55′32″W
Nihoa Island Part or all of the island
3 TWO BROTHERS (New England whaling ship) Shipwreck August 7, 2017
Address Restricted
French Frigate Shoals


Kauai is the northernmost of the major islands of Hawaii, and except for Niihau, the westernmost. Together with Niihau, it forms Kauai County.

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Bishop National Bank of Hawaii November 29, 1978
Hawaii Route 50
21°57′17″N 159°39′59″W
Waimea Now First Hawaiian Bank, 4525 Panako Rd., Waimea
2 Camp Sloggett August 5, 1993
Southwest of Hawaii Route 550
22°07′26″N 159°39′02″W
Koke'e State Park Now YWCA Camp
3 Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in Koke'e State Park December 20, 1996
Hawaii Route 550 at Kokeʻe State Park Headquarters
22°07′51″N 159°39′33″W
Koke'e State Park
4 Cook Landing Site October 15, 1966
2 miles (3.2 km) southwest of Hawaii Route 50
21°57′11″N 159°39′56″W
5 Charles Gay House November 1, 1984
Gay Rd.
21°58′00″N 159°39′39″W
6 Grove Farm June 25, 1974
On Hawaii Route 58, about 1-mile (1.6 km) southeast of Lihue
21°57′59″N 159°22′06″W
Lihue Homestead of plantation owner George N. Wilcox, built 1864, converted to museum in 1978
7 Grove Farm Company Locomotives January 19, 1979
Off Hawaii Route 50
21°58′06″N 159°23′50″W
8 Gulick-Rowell House April 15, 1978
Missionary Row (now Huakai Rd.)
21°57′41″N 159°40′19″W
Waimea Across from Waimea Canyon Middle School, on way to Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital, first built 1829 by Rev. Peter Johnson Gulick, completed by Rev. George Rowell in 1846
9 Haena Archeological Complex November 16, 1984
Beyond Ha'ena State Park at end of Hawaii Route 560 between high cliffs and rocky shore of Kēʻē Bay
22°13′10″N 159°35′05″W
Hanalei Sites: (1) house of high chief Lohiʻau (lover of Hi'iaka); (2) Ke-ahu-a-Laka hālau hula platform; (3) Ka-ulu-a-paʻoa heiau platform[8]
10 Hanalei Elementary School March 14, 1990
5-5161 Kuhio Hwy.
22°12′10″N 159°29′46″W
Hanalei Built 1926
11 Hanalei Pier September 13, 1979
Hanalei Bay
22°12′45″N 159°29′52″W
12 Hanapepe Town Lot No. 18 October 13, 1993
Hanapepe Rd. west of its junction with Ko Rd.
21°54′41″N 159°35′10″W
Hanapepe Former pool hall
13 Haraguchi Rice Mill August 25, 1983
Ohiki Rd.
22°12′35″N 159°28′36″W
Hanalei In Hanalei Valley, one of four former rice mills
14 Kaua'i Belt Road-North Shore section February 11, 2004
Hawaii Route 560
22°12′43″N 159°31′40″W
Princeville All or part of Hawaii Route 560
15 Kikiaola November 16, 1984
Menehune Rd., Waimea
21°58′31″N 159°39′35″W
Waimea A historic ditch purportedly built by the Menehune
16 Kilauea Plantation Head Bookkeeper's House August 5, 1993
2421 Kolo Rd.
22°12′18″N 159°24′36″W
17 Kilauea Plantation Head Luna's House August 5, 1993
2457 Kolo Rd.
22°12′21″N 159°24′38″W
18 Kilauea Plantation Manager's House August 5, 1993
4591 Kuawa Rd.
22°12′08″N 159°24′34″W
19 Kilauea Point Light Station October 18, 1979
Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge
22°13′54″N 159°24′07″W
Kilauea A lighthouse located on a narrow peninsula on Kauai's northern coast
20 Kilauea School August 18, 1983
2440 Kolo Rd.
22°12′22″N 159°24′34″W
Kilauea Est. 1882
21 Kong Lung Store August 5, 1993
2484 Keneke Street, on Kilauea Lighthouse Rd., half-mile north of Hawaii Route 56
22°12′44″N 159°24′25″W
Kilauea Originally built to be the Kilauea Plantation store
22 Kukui Heiau May 18, 1987
At Alakukui Point on north shore of Wailua Bay (accessible via public right-of-way between the Kauai Sands and Lae Nani Condominium)
22°03′04″N 159°19′46″W
Wailua On state land donated by neighboring condo developers; now landscaped, but retains facing walls and offers good view of Wailua Bay[9]
23 Lihue Civic Center Historic District December 17, 1981
Off Hawaii Route 50
21°58′30″N 159°22′02″W
24 Lihue Hongwanji Mission March 21, 1978
North of Lihue at Hawaii Route 56
21°59′25″N 159°21′56″W
Lihue At 3-3556-A Kuhio Highway, a branch of Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii
25 Menehune Fishpond March 14, 1973
On the Hulēʻia River south of Lihue (viewable from lookout on south side of Puhi Road)
21°56′55″N 159°22′20″W
Lihue Also called Alekoko or Niamalu Pond, bounded by wall 900 yards long at large bend in Hulēʻia River[10]
26 Na Pali Coast Archeological District November 16, 1984
Address Restricted
27 Old Sugar Mill of Koloa October 15, 1966
Maluhia and Koloa Rds.
21°54′17″N 159°27′57″W
Koloa The mill for Hawaii's first commercially successful sugarcane plantation
28 Opaekaa Road Bridge March 28, 1983
ʻŌpaekaʻa Rd.
22°03′32″N 159°22′41″W
Kapaʻa First built 1890
29 Pu'u'opae Bridge May 25, 2005
Puʻuʻōpae Bridge between Kalama and Kipapa Rds.
22°04′06″N 159°22′23″W
Kapaʻa One-lane, concrete-encased steel bridge on Puʻuʻōpae Rd. at Kipapa Rd.
30 Russian Fort October 15, 1966
On Hawaii Route 50, 200 yards southwest of the bridge over the Waimea River
21°57′07″N 159°39′52″W
31 Seto Building September 4, 1979
4-1435 Kuhio Highway
22°04′39″N 159°19′01″W
32 Sueoka Market August 16, 2019
5392 Koloa Rd.
21°54′15″N 159°27′55″W
32 US Post Office-Lihue November 28, 1989
4441 Rice St.
21°58′29″N 159°22′08″W
Lihue ZIP code 96766
33 Wailua Complex of Heiaus October 15, 1966
At the mouth of the Wailua River in the Lihue District, on the eastern coast of Kauai
22°02′37″N 159°20′09″W
Wailua Many ruins of old heiau, ancient Hawaiian temples
34 Waioli Mission District October 3, 1973
Off Hawaii Route 560
22°12′04″N 159°30′04″W
Hanalei Established 1834; Mission Hall, built in 1841, is oldest extant church building on the island; was Congregational, now United Church of Christ
35 Albert Spencer Wilcox Beach House July 30, 1993
4943 Weke Rd.
22°12′35″N 159°29′44″W
36 Albert Spencer Wilcox Building May 31, 1979
4428 Rice St.
21°58′30″N 159°22′06″W
Lihue Designed by Hart Wood in 1922, opened as public library in 1924, converted to Kauaʻi Museum in 1970
37 Yamase Building April 12, 1996
4493 Moana Rd.
21°57′20″N 159°40′09″W


Oahu is the only major island in Honolulu County. The location of the city of Honolulu, Oahu is the most populous island in the state.


Molokai is the northernmost of the islands of Maui County. Unlike every other island in the state, it is divided between two counties: Kalawao County consists of the island's northern peninsula.

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Archeological Site (T-10) 50-60-04-702 November 3, 1982
Address Restricted
2 Archeological Site (T-108) 50-60-03-713 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
3 Archeological Site (T-111-116; T-182) 50-60-04-710 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
4 Archeological Site (T-12) 50-60-04-704 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
5 Archeological Site (T-125-6; T-181) 50-60-03-714 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
6 Archeological Site (T-134) 5060-03-718 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
7 Archeological Site (T-135-6) 50-60-03-719 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
8 Archeological Site (T-155, −158) 50-60-03-721 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
9 Archeological Site (T-165-6) 50-60-03-727 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
10 Archeological Site (T-19) 50-60-04-705 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
11 Archeological Site (T-5, T-122, T-178) 50-60-04-142 November 3, 1982
Address Restricted
12 Archeological Site (T-57) 50-60-03-720 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
13 Archeological Site (T-6 complex) 50-60-04-700 November 3, 1982
Address Restricted .
14 Archeological Site (T-76) 50-60-03-724 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
15 Archeological Site (T-78) 50-60-03-723 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
16 Archeological Site (T-79) 50-60-03-726 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
17 Archeological Site (T-81, −100, −101, −105, −142) 50-60-03-717 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
18 Archeological Site (T-88) 50-60-04-707 November 4, 1982
Address Restricted
19 Archeological Site (T-92) 50-60-04-708 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
20 Archeological Site 50-60-04-140 November 3, 1982
Address Restricted
21 Archeological Site 50-60-04-144 November 3, 1982
Address Restricted
22 Southwest Moloka'i Archeological District October 15, 1986
Address Restricted
23 Hokukano-Ualapue Complex October 15, 1966
On Hawaii Route 45
21°03′45″N 156°49′48″W
Ualapue One of Hawaii's most important archeological sites
24 Kamehameha V Wall, Archeological Site (T-20 and T-42-3) 50-60-04-706 November 5, 1982
Address Restricted
21°03′45″N 156°49′48″W
25 R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill September 4, 1979
Hawaii Route 470
21°09′39″N 157°00′32″W

Kalawao County

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Kalaupapa National Historical Park January 7, 1976
Coextensive with the county
21°10′40″N 156°57′36″W
Kalaupapa Park preserving sites of two isolation settlements for Hansen's disease sufferers.
2 U.S. Coast Guard Molokai Light March 25, 1982
North of Kalaupapa
21°12′44″N 156°58′21″W
Kalaupapa A lighthouse.


Lanai is the smallest of the populated islands of Maui County, lying between the islands of Maui and Molokai.

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Kaunolu Village Site October 15, 1966
On southwest coast
20°44′05″N 156°57′52″W
Lanai City Former fishing village, abandoned in the 1880s, that is the largest surviving ruins of a prehistoric Hawaiian village.
2 Pu'upehe Platform (50La19) October 6, 1986
Between Mānele Bay and Hulopoʻe Bay
20°44′02″N 156°53′24″W
Lanai City Also known as Sweetheart Rock


Maui is the largest and the easternmost island of Maui County.

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Fred C. Baldwin Memorial Home December 1, 2011
1813 Baldwin Ave.
20°53′12″N 156°20′43″W
Makawao Built in 1910 by Emily Alexander Baldwin and Henry Perrine Baldwin to provide housing for the elderly. Named for their son Fred Baldwin (1881–1905).[11] Originally designed by H.L. Kerr; restored in 2011 by Xorin Balbes to operate as a lodging and educational facility named Lumeria Maui.[12]
2 Henry Perrine Baldwin High School June 30, 2000
Junction of Lower Main St. and Kaahumanu Ave.
20°53′45″N 156°29′38″W
3 Bank of Hawaii—Haiku Branch December 4, 2000
771 Haiku Rd.
20°54′53″N 156°19′22″W
Haʻikū Built 1931 to serve as bank and post office for bustling Haʻikū; restored in 1998; now used as a commercial property.[13]
4 Chee Kung Tong Society Building November 15, 1982
2151 Vineyard St.
20°53′36″N 156°30′29″W
Wailuku Part of the Chinese Tong Houses of Maui Island TR #82000173. Collapsed in 1996; only gate and foundation remain.
5 Crater Historic District November 1, 1974
Address Restricted
6 Frank and Theresa Gomes House June 15, 2001
32 Pakani Place
20°50′58″N 156°19′03″W
7 Haiku Mill February 6, 1986
Haiku Rd.
20°55′49″N 156°19′58″W
8 Hale Paʻi May 13, 1976
Lahainaluna High School
20°53′40″N 156°39′45″W
9 Halekii-Pihana Heiau November 25, 1985
Hea Pl. off Kuhio Pl. from Waiehu Beach Rd.
20°54′30″N 156°29′42″W
10 Hana Belt Road June 15, 2001
Hana Highway (Hawaii Route 360) and Pi'ilani Highway (Hawaii Route 31)
20°53′52″N 156°13′20″W
11 Hana District Police Station and Courthouse August 27, 1991
Uakea Rd.
20°45′44″N 155°59′21″W
12 Hardy House November 8, 1984
808 Makawao Ave.
20°51′06″N 156°19′25″W
Makawao Built in 1897 for Makawao School principal Frederick Hardy (d. 1920) & wife Lillian, who sold the house & 20-acre (81,000 m2) lot in 1920. Ernest and Alene Rezents bought the house in 1961 and restored what is now locally known as the Rezents House.[14]
13 Holy Ghost Catholic Church August 18, 1983
4300 Lower Kula Rd.
20°46′04″N 156°20′22″W
14 Honokalani Village November 25, 1985
Address Restricted
15 Iao Theater February 9, 1995
68 N. Market St.
20°53′37″N 156°30′17″W
16 Ka'ahumanu Avenue-Naniloa Drive Overpass November 19, 2008
Naniloa Dr. at Kaahumanu Ave.
20°53′19″N 156°29′46″W
17 Ka'ahumanu Church May 12, 1975
S. High St.
20°53′49″N 156°30′01″W
Wailuku Est. 1876
18 Kahului Railroad Administration Building May 17, 2016
101 E. Kaahumanu Ave.
20°53′34″N 156°27′52″W
19 Kalepolepo Fishpond December 30, 1996
S. Kihei Rd., south of its junction with Hawaii Route 31 in Kalepolepo County Park
20°46′00″N 156°27′45″W
20 William K. Kaluakini House July 3, 2013
450 Front St.
20°52′00″N 156°40′26″W
21 Kaupo School June 30, 2000
Government Rd.
20°38′13″N 156°07′21″W
22 Keanae School June 30, 2000
Hana Highway
20°51′21″N 156°08′29″W
23 Ket Hing Society Building November 15, 1982
Cross Rd.
20°42′35″N 156°21′11″W
Kula Part of the Chinese Tong Houses of Maui Island TR #82000173.
24 King Kamehameha III's Royal Residential Complex May 9, 1997
Junction of Front and Shaw Sts., Malu'ulu o Lele and Kamehameha Iki Parks
20°52′24″N 156°40′39″W
25 Lahaina Historic District October 15, 1966
Western side of Maui on Hawaii Route 30
20°52′14″N 156°41′03″W
26 Loaloa Heiau October 15, 1966
Southeastern coast of Maui, on Hawaii Route 31, about 0.25 miles (0.40 km) north of Kaupo
20°38′41″N 156°07′26″W
27 Maʻalaea General Store September 30, 2013
132 Maʻalaea Road
20°47′32″N 156°30′42″W
Wailuku vicinity Built in 1910 and accurately restored. The store and the Shinto Shrine next door are all that remains of the Japanese fishing village there prior to World War II.[15]
28 Makawao Union Church December 17, 1985
1445 Baldwin Ave.
20°53′32″N 156°21′03″W
Paia 1916 stone church designed by C. W. Dickey
29 Maui Jinsha Mission November 21, 1978
472 Lipo St.
20°54′29″N 156°29′16″W
Wailuku est. 1915, architect Ichitaro Takata
30 Old Bailey House March 20, 1973
Iao Valley Rd.
20°53′27″N 156°30′37″W
31 Paia School August 22, 2000
955 Baldwin Ave.
20°54′11″N 156°21′24″W
ʻia Founded in 1881 as Maui's first all English-speaking school. First principal William Cross refused to learn Hawaiian. 1909 building burned down in 1963. Current main building dates from 1926. Became site of Maui's first public school Hawaiian-immersion program in 1988.[16]
32 Piilanihale Heiau October 15, 1966
4 miles (6.4 km) north of Hana, at the mouth of Honomāʻele Gulch near Kalahu Point
20°47′57″N 156°02′18″W
Hana Within Kahanu Garden
33 Puunene School August 22, 2000
East Camp 5 Rd. off Old Puunene Ave.
20°51′44″N 156°26′56″W
Puʻnēnē 1922 school building near sugar mill
34 Wai'ale Drive Bridge October 30, 1998
Ka'ahumanu Ave., 0.1 miles (0.16 km) east of Kinipopo St.
20°53′39″N 156°30′06″W
35 Waihee Church April 21, 1994
Kahekili Highway
20°56′06″N 156°30′54″W
Waihee est. 1828
36 Wailuku Civic Center Historic District August 20, 1986
S. High St. between Wells and Kaohu Sts.
20°53′25″N 156°30′26″W
Wailuku Contributing properties: Old Courthouse (1907, Kerr), Old Police Station (1925, D'Esmond), Wailuku Library (1928, Dickey), Territorial Office Building (1931, Dickey)
37 Wailuku School June 30, 2000
355 S. High St.
20°53′17″N 156°30′29″W
Wailuku est. 1904,[17] architect C. W. Dickey
38 Wananalua Congregational Church November 23, 1988
Hana Highway and Haouli St.
20°45′07″N 155°59′12″W
39 Wo Hing Society Building November 15, 1982
848 Front St.
20°52′52″N 156°40′59″W
Lahaina In the Lahaina Historic District; Part of the Chinese Tong Houses of Maui Island TR #82000173.


Kahoolawe is the smallest and the southernmost island of Maui County. Alone among the state's major islands, it is uninhabited.

[6] Name on the Register Image Date listed[7] Location Community Description
1 Kahoʻolawe Island Archeological District March 18, 1981
20°33′N 156°36′W
Kahoʻolawe The district includes the entire island, which contains over 500 individual archeological sites[18]

Island of Hawaii

The government of the island of Hawaii is Hawaii County, the only county that covers exactly one island, the largest in area in the state. There are 67 properties and districts on the island, including 10 historic districts, six National Historic Landmarks, and one which is a National Historic Landmark District.


  1. Midway Atoll is an exception to the inclusion of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in Honolulu County. Although part of the Hawaiian archipelago geographically, Midway is under the plenary jurisdiction of the federal government, and is not part of the state of Hawaii. See National Register of Historic Places listings in the United States Minor Outlying Islands for National Register listings on Midway.


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