National Register of Historic Places listings in Charlevoix County, Michigan

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Charlevoix County, Michigan.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Charlevoix County, Michigan, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.[1]

There are 24 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 13, 2019.[2]

Current listings

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Beaver Island Light Station December 29, 1978
S of St. James on Beaver Island
45°34′35″N 85°34′21″W
St. James The yellow brick lighthouse keeper's dwelling at this site was constructed in 1866. The attached 46-foot (14 m) cylindrical tower was built in 1858, to replace an 1852 tower. The decagonal lantern room offers panoramic vistas of the Lake. The tower is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. though 9:00 p.m. during the summer.
2 Boyne City Central Historic District December 19, 2012
Water, Pearl, Lake, Ray & Main Sts.
45°12′46″N 85°00′48″W
Boyne City This district encompasses the primary commercial area of Boyne City, and the adjacent Pearl Street residential district. Buildings in the district date substantially from Boyne City's heyday in 1900-1910.
3 Boyne City Water Works Building August 14, 1998
210 E. Division St.
45°12′17″N 85°00′49″W
Boyne City This water works building served the Boyne City populace from 1910 until 1988, when a new pump building replaced it. It was vacant and unused until 2011, when it was refurbished and placed back into service as a booster station.
4 Charlevoix City Park Site March 16, 1972
Park between Bridge Street and Round Lake[6]
45°19′00″N 85°15′30″W
Charlevoix The site is a Woodland period occupation, approximately AD 1000 - AD 1300.
5 Charlevoix South Pierhead Light April 28, 2005
S pier at harbor entrance, 0.3 WNW of US 31 drawbridge
45°19′13″N 85°15′54″W
Charlevoix The first light in Charlevoix, built in 1884, was located on the north pier. This light was replaced in 1948 with the current steel structure, which was located on the south pier. The lens and lantern from the old structure were transferred to the new one.
6 Chicago and West Michigan Railroad Charlevoix Station November 29, 1995
Chicago Ave.
45°19′03″N 85°14′35″W
Charlevoix This building, constructed in 1892, served rail passengers until 1962. It has been renovated, and is currently owned by the Charlevoix Historical Society.
7 East Jordan Lumber Company Store Building July 3, 2008
104 Main St.
45°09′15″N 85°07′39″W
East Jordan Built in 1899, this building shares a wall with the adjoining Votruba Block. Both buildings have been rehabilitated to form the Main Street Center office complex.
8 Garden Island Indian Cemetery February 17, 1978
On island,
45°48′10″N 85°30′30″W
Garden Island[7] Also designated 20CX12, this Indian Cemetery holds about 3500 graves, and has been called the largest Indian cemetery in the United States.
9 Greensky Hill Mission March 16, 1972
E of Charlevoix at jct. of US 31 and CR 630
45°19′42″N 85°11′05″W
Charlevoix This church was founded in 1844 by Peter Greensky (1807-1866) also known as Shagasokicki, a Chippewa chief who had been converted to Christianity and became a preacher. The first services were held in makeshift buildings of bark and boughs until the 1850s, when a church was constructed from lumber brought by canoe from Traverse City.
10 Horton Bay General Store September 23, 1991
05115 Boyne City Rd., Bay Township
45°17′06″N 85°04′48″W
Horton Bay Dating from 1877/78, the Horton Bay General Store is mentioned in two of Ernest Hemingway's short stories, "Up in Michigan" and "The Last Good Country." The store has operated more or less continuously since its construction.
11 Horton Bay House-Red Fox Inn April 7, 1995
05156 Boyne City Rd., Bay Township
45°17′06″N 85°04′45″W
Horton Bay Dating from 1877/78, the Red Fox Inn is mentioned in Ernest Hemingway's short story, "Up in Michigan," and tradition has it that the inn's proprietor during the 1910s and 20s, Vollie Fox, taught Hemingway how to fish. It is now a memoriabili and book store.
12 Horton Bay School January 4, 2001
04991 Boyne City-Charlevoix Rd.
45°17′04″N 85°04′37″W
Bay Township Built during the 1885/86 school year, this school was moved to its present location in the late 1940s, and served students until 1963.
13 Loeb Farms Barn Complex November 29, 1995
05052 M-66 Hwy. N., SE of Charlevoix, Marion Township
45°16′43″N 85°13′46″W
Charlevoix Now known as Castle Farms, this complex was constructed in 1918 by Albert Loeb, who was the Vice President of Sears, Roebuck and Company as a model farm to showcase livestock.
14 Mormon Print Shop January 25, 1971
Main and Forest Sts.
45°44′46″N 85°31′16″W
St. James The Mormon Print Shop was built in 1850 by the followers of James Strang, who founded a Mormon sect after the death of Joseph Smith. It is now used by the Beaver Island Historical Society as a historical museum, the Old Mormon Print Shop Museum
15 Mt. McSauba Site September 29, 1976
Near Mt. McSauba, north of Charlevoix, Michigan[8]
45°20′10″N 85°15′00″W
Charlevoix Also designated 20CX23, the site is an encampment on a dune.
16 O'Neill Site May 27, 1971
5 km south of Charlevoix, Michigan[9]
45°17′10″N 85°20′40″W
Charlevoix Also designated 20CX18, this is a partially stratified Late Woodland period site.
17 Pewangoing Quarry June 20, 1972
Along Lake Michigan, north of Norwood, Michigan[10]
45°14′50″N 85°22′55″W
Norwood Township Also designated 20CX20, this site provided flint used in tool-making from the Early Archaic through Late Woodland periods.
18 Pi-wan-go-ning Prehistoric District October 3, 1973
Along Lake Michigan, north of Norwood, Michigan[11]
45°15′10″N 85°22′45″W
Norwood This district includes three sites: Pewangoning Quarry (20CX20); Whiskey Creek (20CX22); and Fritz Trail (20CX21) where chert was quarried.
19 Pine River Site November 15, 1972
Pine River channel[12]
45°19′10″N 85°15′40″W
Charlevoix Also designated 20CX19, this is a multicomponent site, with evidence of occupation during the Archaic (c. 3000 BC), Middle Woodland (c. AD 100), and Late Woodland periods (c. AD 1400).
20 John J. and Eva Reynier Porter Estate August 3, 1998
01787 M-66 S
45°10′44″N 85°09′45″W
South Arm Township Also known as Elm Pointe, this estate was built for John J. Porter and his wife Eva in about 1925. John J. Porter and his father William P. Porter headed the East Jordan Lumber Company and later the East Jordan Canning Company. The estate is now a public park, and houses the East Jordan Portside Art and Historical Society Museum.
21 Feodar Protar Cabin March 16, 1972
SW of St. James, on Beaver Island
45°42′13″N 85°33′48″W
St. James Constructed by an Irish settler in about 1860, this log cabin was the home of Feodar (or Feodor) Protar from 1893 to 1925. Protar, a somewhat eccentric Russian emigre, was a self-taught and unlicensed physician, and served as Beaver Island's only doctor for many years.
22 Votruba Block July 3, 2008
112 Main St.
45°09′16″N 85°07′39″W
East Jordan Built in 1899, this building shares a wall with the adjoining East Jordan Lumber Company Store Building. Both buildings have been rehabilitated to form the Main Street Center office complex.
23 Wolverine Hotel February 13, 1986
300 Water St.
45°12′54″N 85°00′58″W
Boyne City The Wolverine Hotel, also known as the Dilworth Hotel or the Wolverine-Dilworth Inn, was built in 1911/12. It is the only remaining hotel in the Boyne area dating from the turn-of-the-century era when Boyne City was a booming lumber town.
24 Wood Site May 19, 1976
Along Lake Michigan[13]
45°22′00″N 85°07′00″W
Hayes Township The Wood Site was a seasonally occupied fishing camp used during the Late Woodland period.

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