National Progressive Party (Carniola)

The National Progressive Party (Slovene: Narodno napredna stranka) was a political party in the Carniola region of Austria-Hungary. It was established in 1894 by Ivan Tavčar as the National Party of Carniola (Narodna stranka za Kranjsko) and renamed in 1905 to The National Progressive Party. It continued to operate under this name until after the First World War, when it merged with the National Party of Styria (Narodna Stranka za Štajersko) into the Yugoslav Democratic Party, only to be incorporated into the pan-Yugoslav State Party of Serbian, Croatian and Slovene Democrats (Serbo-Croatian: Državnotvorna stranka demokrata Srba, Hrvata i Slovenaca) less than a year later.

National Progressive Party

Narodno napredna stranka
LeaderIvan Tavčar
Ivan Hribar
Merged intoYugoslav Democratic Party
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