National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland

The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland (Icelandic: Íþrótta- og Ólympíusamband Íslands) (abbreviated ÍSÍ) is the National Olympic Committee representing Iceland, and the highest authority for sporting activity in the country. The main tasks of the ÍSÍ are to promote, coordinate and organize sporting activities in Iceland, as well as to promote the development of sport, as well as public sport events. The ÍSÍ has organized many popular public annual sporting events such as marathons and cycle to work schemes.

National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland
National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland logo
Country/Region Iceland
HeadquartersReykjavik, Iceland
PresidentLarus L. Blöndal
Secretary GeneralLiney Rut Halldorsdottir


The ÍSÍ was created in 1997 when the Icelandic Sports Federation (est. 1912) and Olympic Committee of Iceland (est. 1921) merged.

Member federations

The Icelandic National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 21 Olympic Summer and three Winter Sport Federations and four Non-Olympic Sports Federations in Iceland.

Olympic Sport federations

National FederationSummer or WinterHeadquarters
Icelandic Athletic FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Badminton FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Basketball FederationSummerReykjavik
Equestrian Association of IcelandSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Fencing FederationSummerReykjavik
Football Association of IcelandSummerReykjavik
Golf Union of IcelandSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Gymnastics FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Handball AssociationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Ice Hockey FederationWinterReykjavik
Iceland Judo FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Karate FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Sailing AssociationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Shooting Sports FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Skating AssociationWinterReykjavik
Icelandic Ski AssociationWinterAkureyri
Icelandic Swimming AssociationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Table Tennis AssociationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Taekwondo FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Tennis AssociationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Triathlon FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Volleyball AssociationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Weightlifting FederationSummerReykjavik
Icelandic Wrestling AssociationSummerReykjavik

Non-Olympic Sport federations

National FederationHeadquarters
Icelandic Dance Sport FederationReykjavik
Motorcycle and Snowmobile Sports Association of IcelandReykjavik
Icelandic Motorsport AssociationReykjavik
Icelandic Powerlifting FederationReykjavik

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