National Library of Luxembourg

The National Library of Luxembourg (French: Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg), abbreviated as BnL, is Luxembourg's national library. The BnL is Luxembourg's legal deposit and copyright library. It was established in 1899 in place of the municipal library which dated from 1798. As of 2019, its collection includes, amongst others, 1.8 million printed documents, 20,000 audiovisual documents, 77,800 titles of electronic periodicals, 641,000 ebooks and 390 databases.[1] In September 2019, the BnL was consolidated into a new purpose built complex on Avenue John F. Kennedy in Kirchberg, Luxembourg City.[2] The BnL is responsible for the management of the network, gathering Luxembourg's 87 public libraries.[3]

National Library of Luxembourg
Bibliotheque Nationale du Luxembourg
Reference to legal mandateLaw of 25 June 2004 on the reorganization of State cultural institutes
Law of 24 June 2010 on public libraries
Location37D, Avenue John F. Kennedy
Kirchberg, Luxembourg City
Coordinates49.629978°N 6.164910°E / 49.629978; 6.164910
Branches87 members of the network
Size1.8 million printed documents
20,000 audiovisual documents
77,800 titles of electronic periodicals
641,000 ebooks
390 databases
Legal depositYes
Access and use
Access requirementsAnyone can register for free. Home loans are only available to residents of Luxembourg or neighbouring regions over the age of 14, as well as to students registered with a higher education organization approved by the Luxembourg State.
Other information
Budget15,259,788 (2019)
Parent organizationMinistry of Culture

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